Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today's the day...

Today I'm flying out and am feeling anxious! I have magazines in tow, book (Everything is Illuminated) and diary to write in. Too much luggage of course. I get super nervous about flying, and just read a report about a plane crash in Texas (i think). Just what you need to hear upon boarding a 21 hour flight! Sheesh!

This afternoon I'm baking choc chip cookies for my husband. I figured it would make him happy for a few days while I'm gone. I was out with my colleagues the other night, and the girls were shocked I was leaving my husband for 10 days. They said they wouldn't trust their husbands/partners for that long (?!). One of my colleagues said she wouldn't leave her partner for more than 2 days. Another said she wouldn't leave her husband for more than 5 days. Not because of the "i miss you too much" factor. But the trust factor. I feel kind of shocked at that. I just hate to go because I feel "all wrong" without my husband with me. we married so we could be together, not apart. However, in our circumstances I have to make long trips once a year or so, by myself.
Thoughts? My colleagues are in long term relationships with devoted partners. I think you need to have trust in a relationship.

So this afternoon I think we're hanging out, its such a beautiful day here. I'll try and find an internet booth while in Oz.

Watch this space.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lamington THAT!

Today is my last day at work before going on vacation for almost two weeks. Yeehaaa!!! I’m more excited about the prospect of sleeping in until whenever I want most days as opposed to being in Australia! The vacation is much needed. I mean, I AM looking forward to being in Australia – but not the flight over there. It’s a ridiculously long flight. I have concentration/hyperactivity issues as it is. Do you think I can focus on a book or movie or anything long enough that will get me through that flight in a sane manner? Exactly. Some people love it. Like my husband. Truly. He packs his “bag-o-fun” (his name for it… not mine, although I do think it funny in a 9 year old kinda way) – and looks forward to reading comic books, watching movies, reading books and playing video games for 20 hours. For me, who is overly energetic, mischievous and obnoxious… its not as fun. I have this great memory of flying to Brisbane, Australia from Perth… circa 1999/2000. Miss R and I were so excited about our trip and found everything terribly amusing. We had this flight attendant “Greg” (his real name, not a fake/phony name) who called us the troublemakers at 50 D&E. He served everyone dinner and left us until last. We video taped him and everything else on the plane. We were about 20 when we took that flight. When I’m bored everything cracks me up. When I get into those moods my husband hates it. He finds it annoying and turns on the X-Box. Poor but lovely man.hehe.

Last night we got together with friends and I made English scones with cream & jam (which are nothing like American scones). I didn’t know how they’d go down with our American friends, but they were a hit! All 15 went. I was pretty stoked. English scones are difficult to get right. If you open the oven they don’t rise. Ingredients have to be room temperature… or they don’t rise. You can’t twist the cookie cutter… or they end up weirdly shaped. Etc etc. There are a million little rules. So you imagine my delight when they turned out perfectly! I searched the internet and even went on to find the perfect recipe. Real English scones don’t have sugar in them. Eating them with strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream (no sugar!) is perfect. The jam provides the perfect amount of sweet! Alas, my diet suffered last night when I inhaled too many scones and lamingtons. My aussie friend made a bunch of lamingtons which were perfect. I took one home and ate it at 2pm this morning. Shocker!

Tonight is my Company’s end of year dinner. We’re going to a sushi restaurant. I dress so casually for work, chuck hair up in a ponytail, and don’t usually wear makeup. It’s a very laid back environment. However, I do get to wear cool, laidback clothes. There, its said. Jeans are a woman’s best friend.

So tonight, I’m thinking of “upping the ante”. Getting my hair blowdried at the hairdressers, chucking on a cute dress and pair of boots. Plus, it’s the last weekend my husband sees me before I go to Australia. He’s big on hair. If I’m wearing a blah outfit, but my hair looks great – he is delighted. He’s all about the hair. Needless to say, my colleagues will be shocked. They are used to me looking like a boy most of the time. Last year it was a bit of a wow factor seeing my female colleagues dressed up. One of the girls I work with is absolutely gorgeous. But you’d never know at work! She always has her baseball cap on, no makeup, tracksuit, flip flops. You get the picture. When she dresses up we all raise our eyebrows and realize what a hottie we have been working with the last year.

I should finish this entry. Its turning into one entire irrelevant ranting fest. See you when you’re older.

For those of you wondering what the hell a lamington is, here's a picture. Let me say this - its a handful of cakey delight!

And English Scones. I know they look great... but don't flip you're wig!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Within Budget!

So lately it has been my goal to spend less. And I think I've done pretty well. I was reading a post from Sassy Nerd who has wonderful taste in clothes! The post was about Love Quotes scarves. They went on sale, and I have been looking everywhere (without luck). Well, I ordered one in charcoal ($62 from $88) - it is so soft and beautiful. I'm loving it! Thanks for the tip!! Its going wonderfully with my winter wardrobe.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thought for the day..

"When we are unhappy with ourselves, it is usually because we are preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok I'll stop already

I was complaining about weather. It IS cold in the mornings. It has its moments. But I've been walking on the beach every day in my lunchbreak while its sunny. So I'm just going to formally apologize for my complaining about the weather. Ok. There it is.

TGIF. I've been in a pretty bad mood each morning this week. Not sleeping so good, and waking up dreading the day ahead. Usually I wake up pretty alert and excited to be alive. But not this week. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, and going on holiday next weekend. You know when you get to the point of REALLY needing a holiday? (holiday = vacation in America. Sorry folks, can't drop that expression).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its bloody cold!

Its 55 degrees farenheit right now. Which translates to 12.7 degrees celcius. How freezing is THAT?! Last night I put the heater on before going to bed.

When I was 22 I lived in England (during the winter). Its very freezing there. But everyone uses central heating - all day/all night. So it feels colder here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

11am thoughts

This morning I've been thinking about a bunch of things. I just finished my "non fat, decaf, tall latte with sugar free caramel syrup". How American does that sound? What will happen when I move home one day? I'll tell you what. I've flagrantly become a high maintenance customer who knows what I want! Loving all the options available in America. And in Australia, people in cafe's will look at me like "you've gotta be kidding luv!".

I love Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows. I love that they're so bushy and bold, but well shaped. On the weekend I visited the Anastasia salon to get my eyebrows shaped. I've become a fan of thick, well groomed eyebrows. They make such a statement. I'm well happy with the job Anastasia did on my eyebrows. I have always had thicker eyebrows (thanks Mum!), but didn't keep them groomed as a teenager. Figured it out more in my 20's. I've been working at letting my eyebrows grow out a bit more (like the lovely ladies at Anastasia said to!) - and its going well.

What is your take on eyebrows? What look do you like? I know not everyone likes the thick eyebrows. I guess it also depends on what you like to highlight about yourself. Your best assets.

I'm getting excited about my up and coming trip Down Under. I'm trying to lose a few pounds, and also bought some Spanx to help me out a bit! Everyone has been going on about them for a long time, I thought the wedding the perfect opportunity to wear some! And it won't give me the opportunity to let my stomach out in family photo's!!!

I'm looking at getting some highlights in my hair this weekend. Its growing out blonde so quickly right now, and I need something to even it up. I'm kind of nervous about it. Any suggestions from people who get highlights? What to ask for? I have no experience in this area. Although I have saved some images of highlights I like.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Unprofessional Review: Australia

Last night I watched “Australia” with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Went with my aussie friend & her hubby. A good choice. We were cracking up laughing the whole time! I absolutely LOVED this movie. Everything about it. The location. Their truthful portrayal of the Aboriginal way of life and history with the Stolen Generation (unbelievable that this went on until the mid 1970’s). And I loved the storyline. Nicole Kidman’s fake british accent reminded of that of Renee Zellweger’s in Bridget Jones’ Diary – but her character got better as the movie went on. And Hugh Jackman. Well. I’ve never been a huge Jackman fan – because I haven’t seen many of his movies. But crikey he’s hot!

There were so many Australian expressions that were cracking my friend Anna and I up. We couldn’t stop laughing the first half of the movie. “Bloody” was used in every second sentence.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I’ll be going back for a second time, that’s for sure. The critics gave it some unwarranted horrible reviews. However I have heard so many people say they really enjoyed this movie. I don’t think you can listen to the critics. We are all but human beings with different likes, interests and opinions.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What I'm thankful for

Last night I was talking with a friend who has had her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren move in with her and her husband. My friend is about 55. She said her DIL is very sick. “Huh, she’s very young to be not well”, said I. Her DIL is 32 years old. “yes, she has an eating disorder”. We proceeded to talk about it, and my friend and her husband are very worried. The DIL has had it for about 10 years, and its only just coming out now. I remember meeting her about a year ago and thinking she was super skinny, and not well looking. I feel so bad for their family – it will no doubt be a long road ahead.

This morning when I woke up, I felt pretty good about myself. I’m a few pounds heavier than I’d like to be. I have love handles. But I’m healthy and enjoy my food (a lot!). I was looking forward to my breakfast this morning. I said this to my husband, and he agreed. I felt happy to have a curvy, healthy body. I’m not super thin anymore. But that’s ok. When you hear about things like this, it makes you feel blessed for having a healthy attitude towards food & exercise. I hope my friend’s family will be ok.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend

How was YOUR long weekend?
I have been desperately wanting to blog. However my husband and I went for a trek up to San Francisco and he wouldn’t let me take my beloved laptop. I complained, winged, told him it will help us with directions. He said I need some time away from the computer. Probably right, I know it.

Thursday morning our flight was delayed, and I missed my beloved laptop as young people around me were playing games one theirs. I was thinking how I could be blogging! Maybe I’ll see if I can take it to Oz next month instead. Although I don’t know if I want to carry it around.

San Fran was amazing. Adrenalin seemed to kick in. We got to our hotel, the Parc 55 which was a nice stay. At the counter the guy serving us said “queen room with 3 massive windows and beautiful views? Or King bed with 2 massive windows and views?”. My husband and I looked at each other – KING BED all the way! We have a queen bed at home, and always look forward to a King Bed while on vacation.

Once settled in at our hotel, our friend Jack (who is a student in San Fran) met up with us and we walked through Chinatown. It was freezing, but we were well rugged up. We went to a dim sum restaurant recommended by Rachel Ray. It was very good. As we walked through Chinatown we picked up cheap little nick nacks and enjoyed the area. We walked all the way down to Fishermans Warf and took in the sites along the way including Lombard Street. I’ll post some pics when I get them off my camera.
We visited an old gaming museum as well as Ghirardelli Square, buying and eating lots of chocolate!

That night we weren’t really hungry, so had a bite at the bar at the top of our hotel.

The next day we went bikeriding from Fisherman’s Warf to the Golden Gate bridge. I was feeling a bit off that day. So we didn’t walk the bridge, just rode over to see it. After lunch we picked up our car, which turned out to be a luxury car! How nice! For our journey up to Redding aka Middle of Nowhere.

We visited with my husbands grandparents for the next couple of days, and on the way back drove through Napa. Napa is so beautiful, we definitely want to go there again and spend some time walking around, visiting more wineries and maybe bikeriding. We drove through to the 101 and over the Golden Gate bridge. So… now I’m tired. But glad to be back at work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!

I'm at work right now drinking diet 7UP - how awful huh? I started drinking diet soda when moving to America. Everyone around me at work drinks soda. (Soda for you esteemed Aussie readers = soft drink :) hehe). Anyhow, last week I decided to get rid of the bad habit I've only recently acquired. I'm allowing myself one soda per week. I don't really drink alcohol (maybe one drink a week) - and am kind of against any sugary drinks. I don't see the need to drink that much sugar when I eat way too many cookies and chocolate as it is. Its called limiting my bad habits.

I'm sitting here and thinking about my up and coming trip to Western Australia. Thanks for the props dear readers. I'm so excited and cannot wait to go home and be with my family. I haven't seen my Mum in over a year! And yes - I will be taking pictures and posting some up. That beach I posted a pic of below isn't far from home - about a 30 minute drive. How crazy nice is it?! Most of my closest friends have left Western Australia now and moved to big cities on the East Coast of Australia. But one thing we all miss is the beaches. The sand is powdery white (you don't get dirty feet!) and the water is crystal clear, and an aqua blue. I haven't lived in Western Australia for 6 years now (I left at 22!) - but whenever I go back to visit I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of the place. Saying that, I would never change that I moved. There is something to be said for seein the world and experiencing different cultures. There are so many beautiful places in the world - beautiful in their own way. Sydney is the cleanest, prettiest city I have ever been too. California has amazing mountains, beautiful beaches. I love the palm trees here and the amazing sunsets. When I go to the beach most days here I feel in awe of it all. And England/Wales - so green and lush. Lovely old cobblestone streets and quaint villages. I remember being on a mountain in Wales and feeling like I was in the Sound of Music - with the rolling hills! And New York is possibly one of my favourite places on earth. Central park is a place I daydream about almost every day!

Raving over. I got on a tangent just then.

I was watching a taped Oprah last night - about blue zones - the people who are healthiest/live the longest in the world. The short of it is - its all about having a good diet/exercise and sense of purpose in life - and being around good friends. I'm thinking of going vegetarian and religiously drink a glass of red wine every day (like the Sicilians!). I rarely eat meat anyway. Maybe I'll stick with fish still. I include eggs and beans, lentils in my diet - and lots of vegetables (not enough fruit). But maybe I should start incorporating soy milk and tofu and cut out meat all together. I'd like to say I was all around healthy, but I love cookies too much!!!

Thats about it. Its now Wednesday and I'm home sick. I woke up with a really sore throat and feeling sick. So instead of sharing the love at work before Thanksgiving, decided to stay home and spare my dear colleagues.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with your families - and having some time off. Does anyone get into black Friday shopping? I'm skipping it - too crazy.

ps. I'm hearting these boots right now:-

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.

The weekend was pretty good. Most exciting thing is that I booked a trip home to Western Australia over the holidays! My cousin is getting married, and I was feeling sad I couldn’t afford to go his wedding. Tickets dropped a fair amount (still expensive though!) and I’m now flying out for his big day! It will be a time all my mum’s side of the family get together. It has been 6 years since we all have been in one spot.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I gave in. Head hanging... I bought the striped Free People jacket. It was too gorgeous to pass up for winter. Here's how I did it: opened a Macy's account (15% off purchase) and there was a button missing (but a spare one to sew on!) - I asked for a discount for that - they gave me an extra 15% off. Nice! I got $50 off the jacket! Justified purchase? Maybe?

So, as far as the 6 month clothing ban goes: I'm a complete and utter failure. I feel like I have let down my fellow bloggers! I did just as a reader commented on. What happens when the 6 months is over? You go crazy?

Well, I broke - and went a little crazy. I felt the need to have some warm cozy sweaters/cardigans for winter. My apologies people. I'm not a crazy shopper, but there was a need. I also bought this other Free People cardigan:-

I think I'm done shopping for a while.

I just started reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin from the beginning. I started it a few months back, but got distracted with another book. I was about to read "Everything is Illuminated" but I only just finished "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" (a fantastic novel which I highly recommend!). They are from the same author, so the writing style is similar, if not the same. So I thought I'd embark on a novel by a different author, and save Everything is Illuminated for a little later. If I don't see the movie beforehand that is! If a book is adapted into a movie I like to watch the movie first, then leave it some time before reading the book.

I used to be an avid bookreader. Then, in my early 20's got so incredibly busy travelling, being with my friends, working etc etc that I read maybe one novel a year. How I missed out. Now I'm married and life has settled down somewhat, I've been able to get back into it wholeheartedly - and I'm loving it. My dear friend Miss R is the most avid and passionate bookreader I have ever met. She is known amongst people for her love of books. Miss R has bookshelves dedicated to her library. For years now she has been on my case about getting back into the big wide world of pouring over books. Well Miss R - case closed. I'm back.

I was reading a review on the movie "Australia" - its 3 hours long! Which was film critics main flaw on the movie. Many dubbed it an epic. I can't wait to see it. Indulge in the scenery of the land I grew up in. There is something beautiful about the outback that gives me that feeling of home. The other day my MIL was saying she always gets this nice feeling as she flies back into San Diego. She gets excited to see the lights and the familiar surroundings. I told her I get that when I fly into Perth, Australia. This feeling sweeps through my heart - I love to see the gum trees and red dirt on the sides of the roads. My MIL said "thats the feeling you get when you land home". I tried not to get to nostalgic around my MIL, but I had a feeling of longing and wanting to fly into Perth airport to experience that. I have heavy boots just thinking about it.

The other night my husband and I watched Dial M for Murder with Grace Kelly. I haven't seen it in years! My husband's grandma has the best old collection of movies you've ever seen. We borrowed about 10. It was like Christmas. I think.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Looks I'd love to Rock!

My husband has always liked Natalie Portman. He thinks she is pretty and classy. Well, she is. I love her classic style and beauty. I also love her casual looks. I think I'm going to try to pull these off for work/hanging out. Which probably means dressing like I usually do, but actually doing my hair properly.

I'm also thinking of taking photo's of outfits I wear that I really like. Not to air them to the world necessarily - but so I can remember what outfits worked well. I hate it that I try outfits on - think they look great, then forget about that combination. Time comes for going out: and I get all "I have nothing to wear". Which is crazy.

Today I'm wearing a velvet navy blue vest I bought at Bondi Markets in Sydney in May, which... until this time... haven't worn yet! I'm going to also try wearing clothes I rarely wear. Maybe taking photo's will inspire me to wear them more?!

Jacket I can't buy

I'm wanting this jacket by Free People really badly. However... of course I'm not buying it. But how gorgeous is it?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

How do I look?

Thats a loaded question right? Well, it can be.

One of my colleages, a Web Developer/Technician in his mid 30's... super quiet... we never really talk... comes in after lunch. Stops by my desk and says "how do I look?" I looked up at him thinking "whats different... his hair?". "Is it your hair?" I ask? Yes. "It looks Great! Did you get it cut at lunch?" Yes.

My colleague is nice. Super quiet in everything. You can't hear him walking around the office. He came up to my desk the other week, didn't say a word, just took scissors - I jumped out of my skin!

Then last week I was putting milk in the fridge and a hand appears in the fridge also! "Aaaghhh! don't do that! cough or something, make some noise!"

It reminds me of that episode of Seinfeld - you know the one - where Elaine has this colleague who is super quiet and always creeps up on her. One day she gives him a packet of tic tacs, so they rattle when he is walking around. I related this episode to my colleague who didn't know what I was talking about. Oh well.

Its a first: I'm speechless!

I received my first blogger award! Thank you so much Daring to Dream! How lovely of you! The bloggers I'd love to pass it on to already have blogger awards I think! Including Observation Mode, Daring to Dream and Techno Doll. If this isn't the case, please consider yourself awarded! I appreciate getting to read your blogs, thoughts - and that you update regularly (unlike me sorry!).

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One Day... Maybe Sunday?

This sounds a little silly, but one of the things I would love to do in my life is buy a video camcorder and live near my friend Miss R and record comedies/documentaries. We both just love the camera... and the camera loves us!!! heheh. kidding.

We've made some winners in the past, and they've all been hilarious. Well, we've thought so at least.

Thats a bit of a dream of mine anyway. Its one of my favourite things to do with Miss R. When we're together we become the weirdest, loudest, funniest versions of ourselves. Don't you love it when you have a friend like that. When I think of my friends, they all bring out different things in me, and no doubt I in them. My friend Miss M, we both love embarrassing tv shows. Embarrassing in that I don't always like to admit how much I enjoy watching E Hollywood and Gilmore Girls and The OC etc. We chat nonstop and have an altogether brilliant time together. Miss S is a lot like a sister to me. My friend Miss J is a great talker also and we talk about absolutely nothing. Miss SS, we don't necessarily talk about anything in particular, but joke around constantly and have neverending smirks on our faces when together. My mate Tongers - we take one subject and toss it around endlessly, exhaust all possibilities then take that same subject and do it all over again. I think in our 5 years of friendship we've had one or two serious conversations. My cousin, also a Miss R - we're completely different, but very alike also. We have similar views on things, similar mannerisms. My cousin is super sweet and lovely. I'm cynical, loud and obnoxious, like to think I'm funny, and we get on like a house on fire. I'm super grateful for these people in my life. I'm sad they're the other side of the world.

Traditionally Stater Brothers

I had the funniest little thing happen to me last night. My husband and I were at some shops and were near Stater Brothers, so went in to get some grocers. Side note: Oh my goodness, their tinned goods are half the price of that at Vons!

I'm at checkout and this guy, about my age, says "Did it take you longer to type up your grocery list, or find the groceries?". I pretty much always have a list with me, otherwise I forget things. My response? Well, I thought he was being condescending. My response was: "90 wpm!" 90wpm? He laughed and said "I go to the store, buy whatever looks good and then end up at taco bell for dinner anyway". "Taco Bell is ok..." i replied. And then I felt the need to explain myself "You see, the thing is, it takes a couple of minutes to do up a shopping list. It takes multiple trips to the store if I forget items." The guy laughed and I went my merry little way. How bizarre was that encounter?! I like that he was friendly. Not many people openly talk at checkout, I like brief exchanges in everyday life.

I think in this day and age, it makes a difference if you smile at someone and let them go first and be polite & friendly. I know when people are that way with me I'm pleasantly surprised and it lifts my spirits. So, I try to be friendly and nice - and usually people are super nice back. As opposed to scowling and having the "me first" look/attitude. Granted, there are times, especially if I'm in a rush or am in a bad mood that I have that annoyed look on my face.

I'm thinking of making traditional English scones tonight. I'm craving some with cream, jam & a cup of tea.

Last night I made a slow cooked Moroccan Lamb Stew. It turned out terrifically! My cooking skills are still being honed in on. Sometimes its hit or miss. This one was a hit. Yay!!! I was thinking of taking some cooking classes to learn what flavours/spices mix well. I'm good at following a recipe, but want to understand the science of cooking. Cooking classes are around $60-$70 a pop. So I guess I'll just have to get out lots of books :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Item I cannot buy!

I love this jacket. I was with my MIL and I took her to Anthropologie. She needs an entire new wardrobe of clothes. She had never shopped at Anthropologie before (?!) - usually shops at Ann Taylor Loft and Macy's. My MIL was amazed at the beauty of the clothes (and cost). Here's a jacket I tried on that looked amazing on, and fit me perfectly! Alas, no, I'm not buying it. Of course. Maybe in 6 months it will go on sale?! It looks like one of those pieces that is not everyone's taste. It is however completely my style. And maybe if its still there when my Mum visits in February, she'll love it and take pity on her daughter. Heheh. I love my Mum! And miss her greatly.

Voluntarily tagged.

This was a "if you haven't been tagged"... And I haven't done this before. So here goes:-

8 Things I Am Passionate About (in no particular order)
1. My husband and closest friends
2. Tea with scones
3. the beach
4. Style. (Not fashion in particular)
5. Classical music
6. Europe/european style
7. Art
8. Relaxing with my friends at the beach and laughing until we're crying

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. do a roadtrip around Australia in a campervan.
2. Visit Paris for a good amount of time with my husband
3. Live in New Zealand for 6 months to a year
4. Get to know myself better. I'm still figuring it out. I'm young, give me a break:)
5. Be true to myself
6. Read the entire bible. And understand it better/study it more. Hey, I'm being honest here:)
7. Live reasonably close to all my family at one time, including my friends Miss R, Smith & Smith, Miss M and Q&A.
8. Go snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef
9. (because I can) - go to New York with Miss R.

8 Things I Say Often (in no particular order)
1. Gotcha!
2. No worries
3. How're ya going?
4. She'll be right
5. Yeah, I reckon
6. Now you're talking turkey
7. Whatever (said "whateva")
8. At the end of the day...

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over (in no particular order)
1. No Surprises, Radiohead
2. The drugs don't work, The Verve
3. Don't Dream its Over, Crowded House
4. Across the Universe, The Beatles
5. I want you, Elvis Costello
6. I wanna be sedated, The Ramones
7. Djoba Djoba, Gypsy Kings
8. If I ever leave this world alive, Flogging Molly

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends (in no particular order)
1. Sincerity
2. Ability to laugh at themselves
3. Humour!!! Laughing at everything and anything. Sense of humour is a big goer in our inner circle.
4. My friends are all kind and generous people.
5. Having similar interests! Most of my friends are pretty stylish kids - although its not the most important thing to them. We all love having a good time and doing weird wacky things together. We all seem to have a big love of music. Often playing instruments together, or seeing bands together. We all love curry! And a good coffee!
6. They're all go-getters and love life. All of my friends have travelled the world.
7. Its a mutual admiration society. I admire my friends for who they are as people. They're people with strong values.
8. They're all damn good looking.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The long & winding road

I've had a hectic and somewhat sad last week. Hence my lack of writing. My little brother has had some major family problems, which sadden a sister the other side of the world. I haven't felt like writing or sharing much. Anyway! Its a new week:)

At the moment I'm reading "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran which I'm enjoying immensely. This is a very well written novel which I'm totally engrossed in. I feel totally caught up in the story and as if I'm somehow related to Oskar - or am a friend of his.

Today, as we all know, its voting day. It is CRAZY here in the States. I think Americans have really fought for their rights here. They are big into politics. Living in America is such a change to living in a country like Australia. I once read in a Bill Bryson novel that in Australia the Priminister could walk down the main street in a city and people wouldn't care too much. Its such a different culture. I constantly feel surprised about the rallying for Prop 8/11 etc, politics is all that is on the tv & radio - and people talking about politics constantly. People even asking me who I'm voting for?! Its just different. Which I respect. You can't move to another country and not expect there to be some major differences. Politics is a big deal here!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So ya wanna Texturize?!

The last few days I have been stressing over nothing. Recently I have noticed my hair feeling “thinner”. The last couple of days I was thinking about how that could be. How could it suddenly feel softer and not as thick. I’ve always had very thick, wavy hair.

I went through every possible cause: hormones, change in diet.
Nothing drastic has changed.

At 11pm I text my hairdresser (and friend) and told her the situation. She said that hairdressers “texturize” hair and it makes it thinner. The last year hairdressers have been “texturizing” my hair. I’ve finally found a hairdresser I like, but have been through a few. I also have not been using hot tools to style my hair, in an effort to reduce split ends. And haven’t dyed my hair in about 4 months. I’m going through the painful task of growing my hair out to its natural colour, which no-one has seen in over a decade. Dark blond. I’ve had variations of browns over the years. Its coming right through now and looking very light! It looks fine, but I’m sure I’ll need to start pinning my hair all back for a while. All these things, my hairdresser said, contribute to it being shinier, softer and not as thick.

So I’m feeling a lot better about my hair. I have always liked my hair, I admit it. Its thick, shiny and although I often get bad hair days – if I give it some time, it behaves easily. There’s something about ourselves we all like. For me, its my hair. And I would be devastated if it started falling out. I’ll just have to tell hairdressers to stop texturizing!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The weekend was lovely. Sunny with a little chill in the air. Saturday my friends A & D and I walked the dog through the back streets of a cute neighborhood nearby. That night we went out for dinner then hung out with friends. The next day my husband was in a bad mood. Egh. I hate that on the weekend. But I can't complain, it doesn't happen too often. And I understood why. Nothing was going his way that day. The odds were against him:) But that afternoon we went to the yoghurt shop together, got some fun yoghurt and ate it as we walked by the beach. That night we went over to a new friend's house for dinner. They invited us and another couple. We ate pasta, all got along splendidly and later went salsa dancing.

Any of you reading this who know my husband know he doesn't like to dance. Well, we did the lesson and then danced. He had a long island iced tea first to loosen up. We were cracking up laughing on the dance floor. We had such a good time laughing at each other. After my friends were saying "where were you guys, we know you were on the dance floor, but couldn't see you". Well, that was on purpose. We didn't want to be seen! There were so many good dancers out that evening!

What I have learned about bright tights...

I love bright tights, tights with busy patterns. Tights are one of the delightful things about the cooler weather that get me excited for the months ahead.

I know I mentioned already that I'm wearing my yellow, mustardy tights. Along with navy vintage grandpa sweater, black flat ballet shoes and shortish black pleated skirt.

At lunch, I'm walking around, book in one hand, satchel on the arm. I got so many looks and stares at my tights it was funny. I came to realise, you have to be pretty confident to wear/pull off a pair of tights like these. I admit, I felt a little smug walking around... receiving looks for my bold number. People weren't looking at "me" - it was the tights they were looking at.

Usually to work I'll wear a teeshirt, jeans and running shoes. But once in a while I like to wear something that expresses who I am and what I actually "like" (as opposed to cold, hard comfort). A couple of weeks ago I walked past starbucks and this young wippersnapper of a guy says to me "lady... i like your style". I turned around to see a young man in his late teens. I felt like saying "thanks sonny jim. I'm about a decade older than you, but am thankful for the appreciation".

I live in the kind of place where everyone wears the same thing. Its either all out comfort or the usual wedge shoes/tight jeans with diamonte's and tight tank top. Wearing things a little different style-wise gets the locals raising their furry little eyebrows.


For Winter..

Sweater Dresses. I am not sure what shape would be flattering... something with a waist probably. What do you think of this one? ok? or a bit blah?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Today I'm wearing these tights.

My husband says I look like an Oompa Loompa. This is the email he sent me:-

oompa loompa doobidy doo. i've got another riddle for you.
oompa loompa doobida dee. If you are wise you'll listen to me.
What do you get when you wear ugly tights?
A scared, freaked out husband with a case of the frights!

Booties for Fall

Which ones do you like? I like all of them. Especially the laceups.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My skin care routine... because everyone wants to know... :)

Over the years I have become a makeup/skincare junkie. I never leave my makeup on at night. Get monthly facials (this has been in the last year) and love trying out new makeup products. Skincare products I’m less liberal with. I like to know the ingredients, if they will suit my skin.

I have tried using multiple cream cleansers. I love to think that I’m not stripping my skin of natural oils. I dislike that SLS (sodium laurel sulphate – a foaming agent) is used in cleansers. SLS is used in most toothpastes. I found out I was allergic to it, after years of enduring canker sores. I switched to a natural herbal toothpaste… voila! No more canker sores!

So I thought: if this is what it does to my mouth… it can’t be that great for my skin. Right?! So I tried different cream cleansers, with no luck. They simply don’t do the job for me. I have oily/combination skin. I was speaking with my aesthetician (beautician for the Aussies!), and she said I need more of a gel/foaming cleanser for my skin. Doh! So I’m still using Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel. It works for me… I have been using it for years now, thanks to the recommendation from my friend S.

So, despite my dislike of SLS, I’m sticking with my cleanser for now. One product I have found that I love is Sothys toner which is alcohol free. And, after trying many expensive brands of moisturizer, for me Olay’s Cream moisturizer for sensitive skin is a winner.

When it comes to eye creams, I use Kinerase intensive eye cream in the mornings. It doesn’t moisturize as well as it reduces puffiness. Sometimes I put that on first, then a richer eye cream. I love Progres by Lancome for night time. A golden oldie with no real claims. Albeit expensive, it is a thick, rich , perfume-free eye cream that moisturizes the sensitive area well. Its also great after a night of crying when your eye region is extra dry:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

NYC pics

A few random photo's. Boating in the lake was my favourite thing we did all day.

Some music in Central Park.

My tired friend!

Some jazz in Washington Square Park

Me in the row boat!

My favourite pic, on the Lake, Central Park.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Last night I was talking with my mother-in-law. She said she was at her Mom's house and they were flicking through some photo's of about 2-3 years ago. "You were so so skinny! You were tiny. Your legs and arms were so thin" she said... "Mom was like... M has put on weight since being married! And I agreed. Oops I wasn't supposed to tell you that, I hope you're not offended honey". Then proceeded to change the subject and act nice.

What the hell?!

I put on about 7-10Lb's in the first six months of being married. Its all evened out now and I've stayed the same for about a year. But please... who says that?! I would never say that to anyone! I know I'm not super skinny anymore. I'm a slim, normal weight (I think!). I don't need to be told those things. My cute skinny Lee jeans don't fit nicely anymore (muffintop!). I had to buy some new jeans. There - enough said - I realise things have changed, I don't need to be told. I'm 5'4". 7Lb's is noticable! But I'm fine with that usually. I'm happy being healthy and not super skinny.

I was so mad. I felt like saying "well, I'm not on diet pills like you were in the 80's... and you try moving country, leaving your friends/family/life - adjust to getting married - all in 3 months. See if you don't do some emotional eating also, and put on a few". Aagghh! I think I did pretty well actually. 7Lb's... (3-4kg) since those photo's - thats not a lot right?!

Maybe I'm overreacting. But it hit a sore spot I guess. No woman likes to be told those things. Especially by their Mother in Law! The nerve huh.

I'm not usually a sensitive person. But that was a dumb thing to say.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

More dresses. Am I bad?

I also love this dress. Isn't it delightful. Very Audrey H./Jacki O. Alas, my bank account cannot afford you dear ponte dress.

I also already own this dress (bought over a year ago) - how many waisted in classic dresses does a girl need? (Good answer: not many. Reality: Lots). Note. This dress is longer on me than the model! It falls right at the top of my knee.

I adore the following dresses. But not sure if they are age appropriate? What do you think? They are very classic, womanly, beautiful dresses. Do you think they are age appropriate for a 28 year old? I think I could get away with these dresses - especially the one with the bow. However, I could also see my Mum in these dresses. You know?! I could see my Mum looking very elegant and lovely in them, with her hair in a chignon.

ps. it is still the floral dress in the previous post I am lusting after!!!


I want this dress badly! Don't you think it would look lovely with my Aldo boots?! Well, I do. However, this dress is conflicting with my resolve.

I know you've seen the Aldo boots before. But another visual never hurts :) I'm in love with them right now you see.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Saturday

My Saturday was delightful. My greek friends who own a local restaurant had us and 20 others over for a gourmet lunch. Everything tasted wonderful. The biggest spread you can imagine!

We left at 2:30pm and went down to the beach where there was an old time swing band playing. It was a grey day down at the beach, but calm and peaceful. There were people in the water (crazy!) catching the last swims of the season. My husband and I swing danced to a few songs. After that we walked along by the water a bit before heading home to change. We drove a ways to see "The Duchess" with Keira Knightley. I love a good period drama. Best line: "You make me sound so pitiable" - Keira Knightley dropped this line while walking off from her love interest. It was pretty cheesy and the whole audience cracked up! I really enjoyed the movie. There were some awkward moments in the movie - but overall a great storyline, dialogue - and I appreciated Keira Knightley's acting, more so than her last few movies. The audience had a good sense of humour. People laughed at all the cheesy lines, although were attentive for the most part. An older crowd filled the cinema. After that my husband and I walked around the area we were in. Walking past Thai, Vietnamese and indian restaurants - enjoying the aroma's. We were meeting our friend N at a bar at 8pm so had to eat dinner elsewhere. We went to this bar with old leather chairs, dark wood tudor style panels on the walls, a low ceiling. This man in his late 60's/70's played piano - along with another musician on the saxaphone. It was a comfortable bar. Good for a hard drink, although the beer on tap wasn't good (at all!). We just got "well drinks".

Later we walked down the street a bit to a dive bar - where they have very good beer on tap! I got a guinness. Mmm. And we played a couple rounds of pool. I killed the boys the first round - but my husband beat us the next round.

It was such a fun day, and lovely to spend it with my husband. I think tonight I should play a boardgame with him to make up for all that he did with me yesterday.

I bought these earrings before the clothing ban. They arrived yesterday. Cute huh?!

Thank you Etsy!

Blogging on the weekend

I’m a bad blogger – its been over a week. I admire the true bloggers who write a few times a week to every day!

Friday I got my friend Maureen to cut my hair. She did a swell job. I’m in the process of growing out my overly dyed hair. I have long hair, naturally dark blonde – which I have been dying brown since my late teens. Now I’m in my late 20’s and would like to spend some time in my natural hair colour, experimenting with makeup etc. I have been working with dark hair for over 6 years now (!). I’ve done the bob a couple of times, but have almost always had long hair. Its thick and wavy – so have steered away from short cuts. Maybe as it grows out more a pixie cut would be the way to go. Although my husband is a fan of the long hair.

I was inspired by a post from Observation Mode - the shopping ban. I was chatting about the 6 month no-clothing-shopping ban with a colleague (a young lass, about my age) – and she has decided to do it with me! I very much dislike how living in California has shaped my attitude towards spending. My nonchalance when it comes to zapping something on the credit card. I used to budget each month what I could spend. I think it is very much a “spending society” here. An area where everyone has the best of the best. So as not to steal/take away from Observation Mode's Blog, I won’t say much more – except the next few months will be a challenge. But I am also up for the challenge! And really need this.

I have been missing you Australian friends who read this. I’m horrible at phoning, but I really do miss you a lot. I dislike the stinking time difference!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I want to wake up… in a city… that never sleeps…

And find Im king of the hill - top of the heap.

So we’re back from wonderful New York. Where to begin?!

I bought those Aldo shoes – the brown ones below. $180 a pop – but well made and cute as anything. They will do me well through the winter. I’m looking forward to teaming them up with skinny jeans.

I also visited H&M in mid-town Manhatten near 5th Avenue – the biggest H&M in NYC! I found this dress which I saw a couple of months ago and loved! I couldn’t find it anywhere else – and it was the very last one in this store – in my size! Score! Its a little longer on me than the model! Knee length! I’m also thinking about ordering this cardigan from H&M to go with the dress. Although you can’t see it on the image, the dress has some mustard coloured flowers on it also.

The first day I got there I was pretty tired. Took a red eye and got into NY at 5:30am. Ouch! Dunkin Donuts were at the airport – I indulged! After catching a cab to our hostel in Upper West Side, I jumped out, full of adrenalin to arrive at my husband’s room. He and his flatmate were sleeping. So I showered, changed and dropped my gear off. Went to Tal’s Bagels for a great coffee and blueberry bagel with cream cheese. Wow. I love New York bagels! Last year Tal’s Bagels were my favourite, this year I found a new place, even closer to our hostel.

I walked the streets near Riverside Drive, took it all in, smiled at everyone and everything. Finally the boys got up and my husband and I went to Greenwich Village – explored the streets there – found a comic book haven my husband loved. I found expensive vintage stores where I made no purchases. At 2pm we stopped and had lunch at this amazing café/bar. We drank mojito’s and margarita’s. We also strolled through West Village – found a park where these guys were tap dancing to honkey tonk old-school piano – it was fantastic! They were so talented! Also in the park was a little jazz band. Our explorations proved to be quite entertaining. We weren’t sure exactly what to do in West Village and Greenwich Village, but exploring was enough – we came across so many nice haunts.

That night we went to Smalls Jazz club and heard an old school jazz band which was amazing! It was in an underground pub. We drank scotch and were entertained by them. The bass player was an old African/American man who was brilliant. There was clarinet/saxophone/trumpet/piano/drums and bass.

The next day we slept in till 9am then slowly got up and met up with friends at 10am for bagels. We went to Loab’s boat house in Central Park and paddle boated around a lake there. It was beautiful and so much fun. It could be quite romantic if there were just two of you. In a group, its fun. We were in hysterics. Amazingly – we were all quite good at rowing, it ended up being fairly easy. The lake is covered in moss and surrounded by breezy leafy green trees. Parts of the manhattan skyline can be seen. It’s a real treat. When done with that we headed to Gray’s Papaya for the “best hotdogs” which, have to say were very very good! The sausage tasted like actual meat, and the dressings were superb. In the afternoon we headed to Brooklyn and a friend and I went vintage clothe shopping at Beacons Closet (tonne’s of variety – at reasonable prices!) It was such a hot afternoon, we all ended up making our way to an old pub in Brooklyn, ate French toast and drank cold beer. Couldn’t have been better. It was such a hot muggy day in NYC on Saturday. They were expecting thunderstorms. Instead sunny and muggy. I was well pleased for the latter! In the evening we frequented Café Habana. For those of you who haven’t been – go! It is a must. We had a tonne of amazing food in NY, as we always do. But this place always tops our “best meal of the trip” list. There were five of us, and we all agreed on this. All of our meals were amazing. We started with the corn. Wow. I wish I was there right now… digging into their cheesy spicy corn. Once finished stuffing our faces on Cuban food we taxi’d it over to Tribeca and visited the Brandy Library. Not a cheap haunt, but a classy one with a romantic atmosphere and chilled vibe. My husband did a tasting of 6 brandy’s. I had a port and chocolate dessert. When done we subway’d it back to Times Square, all running on adrenalin at 1am – and enjoying the big lights.

Sunday we slept in (again!) and went for a stroll in Central Park. The boys left me and went to Coney Island. I went shopping! I walked from 72nd street down to 42nd street that day, visiting Upper East Side, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and sitting in Bryant park drinking iced tea. It was nice to have some time to myself exploring, taking it all in, shopping and doing whatever I wanted! Ha! In the evening we went to the Yankee Stadium! Which was the whole point of our visit to NYC. My husband wanted to see the stadium before it is closed down. So we saw the Yankee’s play the White Sox. It was a fun game. The New Yorkers are so lively. The Yankee’s won and there were some real highlights. We subway’d it back into East Village and found a Lebanese hole in the wall café which happened to get lots of awards. I got a fantastic Shish Kebab. My friend got falafalel which he said was very good (he is Lebanese! And knows his food!). My husband and other friend got chicken kebabs. A good last stop for the day.

Then yesterday… sniff sniff… was our last day in New York. We wanted to make the most of it. We had breakfast with our friends staying in Times Square then headed our separate ways. In case anyone is confused, there were 5 of us. Another married couple and our friend N, who is my husband’s best mate. He stayed in our room with us.

So after breaky, we went to the M&M store in Times Square. Then sub’d it over to Union Square and had THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE EVER. Ok, here’s the deal. I had read about it in the NYTimes a few months ago and read good reviews elsewhere. City Bakery. I read they have thick hot chocolate. Mmmm. I get in there, there is a coldron of hot, melted chocolate. They pour some into a cup – about half the cup. Steam the milk – and pour that in. The chocolate they used was some kind of swiss chocolate I think. It was good. No, it was heavenly. And I’ll definitely be going back for more! I sat in there, writing postcards and feeling in pure bliss as I slowly sipped on my rich, satin-ey hot chocolate. Sigh.

As you can tell, we did fit a lot in 4 days. My husband was there a little longer and visited a few more pubs. He did a few different things to me, when I wanted to go shopping etc. We had such good travelling buddies who I have become closer friends with now. It made, not broke the friendship! It was really such a fun trip. I love the personality of New York. There is always something going on. So much culture around. Always a band playing, new types of food to try out.

I’m glad to get home to some quiet. However loved being in New York, having a change of scenery and getting to experience some of the things I miss in my everyday life.

Friday, September 12, 2008

New York New York

Tonight I’m flying to New York. Ieeeeeee!!! I’m super excited about it of course – and having printed pages of shopping hotspots and things to do, museums to visit, area’s to wonder around and places to eat. I couldn’t be more excited if I tried.
The starbucks I had this morning probably helped a little. I haven’t had caffeine in months. I always go decaf. But this morning, in my excitement for New York, forgot to order decaf – and consequently I have the shakes and can barely sit still. But that sort of feeling always conjures up the best writing, right?

I’m loving the new Starbucks breakfast menu. I indulged in the oatmeal this morning with brown sugar. It was superb. And the apple whole wheat muffins are the bomb. Nice work Starbucks. You have my vote. You know what will happen? I get addicted to Starbucks in America, I’ll move back to Oz – where they have gotten rid of most of the Starbucks. That’ll be just my luck.

List of things I want to buy in New York:- Chunky cardigan, floral dress (H&M have some perfect dresses this season) (see my inspiration at the Vintage Society – the post on the Keira Knightley movie). That style is right up my alley. Bucket hats and all. Boots. I’m also on the lookout for the perfect white tee (James Perse?) – and will also go to vintage clothing stores in Greenwich village and hopefully Brooklyn. My budget? What budget? Its New York! And we’re staying in a hostel! My husband and his best friend are sharing a private room – two double beds. It’ll be great. I’m so looking forward to having breakfast in my favourite hole-in-the-wall bagel shop.
We have other friends coming to who are about 40, act super young – but have 40 year old budgets. They’re rich. So they’re staying in a hotel in Times Square. Nice. Have to say, give me a hostel while I’m young and still excited about it. I wonder if I’ll get as excited about such things in my 30’s…?! I like to think I’ll still be the same in my 30’s and 40’s. I like to think I’ll still love funky clothes – run around in my converse sneakers and not be a walking commercial for Ann Taylor Loft. Apologies to Ann Taylor Loft fans. I like some of their pieces. But not the whole overall look.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Battle of who could care less

There’s a word I’m trying to think of that I think of that describes me well…
Let me explain. I remember being 21/22 years old a friend of mine teasing me about my underwear. This was well before I discovered there were different colours of underwear other than white, white and… well… white. She didn’t understand how I loved fashion, clothes and style so much – but didn’t give much thought to my undergarments. Actually. She wasn’t the only friend who I had who teased me about my underwear collection. Needless to say I’ve moved on – and yes, I’m using brighter toe-nail polish these days also Miss R!!! eheheh. I’ve enjoyed the process of discovery from my mid-late 20’s. I’m a late bloomer.

Last night we had some friends over to play cards. I’ve had some friends in the area ask me if my style is very “Australian”. Its not Californian, that’s for sure. I guess its kind of Sydney, mixed with European influences (?) and I’m heavily influenced by 40’s glamour, vintage inspired looks etc. I’ve always loved to dress lady-like and all when it comes to dressing up.

So the wife of the friends who were over last night starts talking about a wedding we’ll be attending Saturday. “Will you be wearing a beautiful vintage dress?” she asks. “No” I reply. “A dress I found recently, that isn’t vintage at all. But I loved the pattern and colours”. I tried to sound unaffected about the fact I get a chance to dress up this weekend. Oh what the hell, I’m getting my hair done at the hairdressers also. Kazaah! Yes I am excited. But I didn’t let on. To quote Ben Folds I wanted to appear “too cool to care” about the whole thing. That it is just who I am, it’s a natural thing - and I don’t think about style too much. I guess the same as when really skinny girls say “I don’t believe in diets. I eat junk food constantly”. Yeah right! Gosh, who am I kidding? I’m not super close with the couple, and I’m new here. You can’t spill your soul too early on, you know. So back to my dress: I had to get the dress taken up a little – it was proving to be a little low for the occasion. Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you like – but I’m no fan of cleavage. Maybe its because I don’t have a whole lot. That’s it probably. A highway to NOTHING!

But that’s a whole different subject. So when our friends left they looked at my bike and said to my husband “nice bike”. “Actually… its my wife’s… bike…” – they looked at me surprised. My old red BMX. Yep I love it. And yes, I am a tomboy. Through and through. I have 7 scars on my body – which is more scars than my husband’s family have put together. I love living in my converse sneakers/Asic Tigers/jeans/tee’s and hoodies. The couple looked at me and said “you have a lot of layers, you know that”. Ha! I’d like to think so!

But back to my tomboyish ways – I love the great outdoors, being a tomboy but on the other hand, love makeup in a big way, skin care and fashion.

I know the word. I’m a big fat contradiction!

"I thought I would dress in baggy pants, big shoes, a cane and a derby hat. everything a contradiction: the pants baggy, the coat tight, the hat small and the shoes large."
Charlie Chaplin

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

BMX Bike

Today I walked home in my lunchbreak, had a salad at home – then rode my old school bmx bike back to work in less than 15 minutes. It was a beautiful thing.

I really love old bmx bikes. When I was a kid I always had old bmx bikes that both my brother and I could ride. I remember one year needing a new bike, going down to the weekly Auction house and finding one that was perfect. It was old, it was blue and sturdy as hell. We lived on a steep hill. I remember riding through the bushes at the top of the hill, over the sticks and shrubs and then down the street with no brakes. I thought I was pretty cool. One year I crashed into a tree, I was out for couple of minutes, came around to it and there was blood pouring down my leg. I’ve got awful scars to this day from that accident. Not so cool after all huh?! But I still love BMX bikes. The one I have right now is red. People always think its my husbands and are a little surprised to find out its mine.

I'm thinking fall

I think I’m going to have to do something on the side to pay for my spending addiction. Here are the things I want for fall/winter (gotta get in early!)

Rich & Skinny Jeans

Banana Republic high waisted skirt

Aldo Boots

Guess Jacket

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeling Blue

At the moment I’m in the process of growing out my fringe (aka bangs). Its driving me nuts. I got the big wide bangs back in April. I realized they are too overwhelming on my smallish face and don’t do me justice. My husband isn’t all that into them either. My friends are of course, because they are a little funky and different. But, in all honesty, I don’t think they bring out different features in my face. 1) eyes. Ok, we’ll leave it at one. So now I’m pinning them back, pinning half of them back. Side sweeping them. There is this massive square lump of hair on my forehead. I have a massive forehead, and need bangs. My forehead is so large, you could land a plane on it. Seriously. It’s the Danish in me, I swear. The Danes have large foreheads and wide cheek bones, right? My Besta (grandma) was Danish. And I look a lot like her. Only I dye my naturally dark blond hair brown! Much to the annoyance of my mother.

The last couple of days have been ok. I’ve been in a horrible mood this week (I’m a woman! What can I say, other than I hate hormones sometimes). But each night, getting home has been really nice. I’ve been trying out different recipes each night – cooking something new for my husband, which he’s well pleased about. The recipes were “ok” – but he loves trying new dishes. So all in all it works well. He’s a good guinea pig.

Wednesday night we played the card version of Puerto Rico and drank wine. Very nice.Today I’ve been craving sweet things like crazy. So I escaped the office for ten minutes to meander over to my favourite little greek café. I grabbed a zucchini and pecan muffin. So good. This little greek café is owned by friends of mine. They have a very lively café – and amazing, unbelievable food. Once people start going there, they don’t stop. They have every variety of sandwich you can imagine. I love to go there, sit outside under the trees and read a book. I’d go there every day if it weren’t for the “budget”.

Speaking of which, I have blown it already this month. My monthly allowance (“fun money”) is $70. Not much eh. But enough. This month I blew it within the first weekend at Gap on some cute tops.

I also found this skirt on sale for $9 from $40 (score). It’s a great flowy cotton skirt – ideal for the hot summer days.

"The end of summer"

What the hell?! I have been reading this expression or something similar in many fashion blogs and magazines – about getting ready for fall fashion.

This expression annoys me and scares me! I feel like its only the beginning of summer. I’ve been to the beach a few times, walk along the beach most days. But I’m in no way feeling ready for the end of summer. I feel like it’s the beginning. Its super hot here in sunny California. The water is now very warm and ripe for swimming. June time its still a little chilly, then it takes me a few weeks to get the nerve up to go swimming.

I really wish it were summer all year around. The beach and swimming are my two biggest passions in life. The water makes me feel alive, and as if nothing else matters.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amado Mio

I have a friend who is originally from Puerto Rico. She is 58 years old – and just adorable. She is a lively woman who loves to dance more than anything. We often watch old movies together. The other night I went to her place and we watched “Gilda” a 40’s movie starring Rita Hayworth. Seen it before? If not, do it. It’s a brilliant tale – romantic and dramatic.

Speaking of things from old times… yesterday I picked up a vintage dress I’d bought. It’s a 50’s sun dress. I’d taken it to the tailor to get fitted properly. As well as some Gap pants to get taken up! I know that at Gap they have different lengths. But the petite was slightly too short. I opted to go up to the regular length, and get them taken up. I’m big into getting clothes fitted properly – spending that little extra at the tailor is worth it. I hate to see trousers to long on a person. It kills me, it really does. I totally notice that kind of thing. What is the point of paying $60 for a pair of trousers that look awkward? Or spend money on a dress that doesn’t fit perfectly? I’m real excited to wear my 50’s sundress. Maybe I’ll even post a pic or two up;) Watch this space.

I’m big into classical music. Have I mentioned that before? Well, I love it. Rachmaninov is my all time favourite composer. His piano concerto number 2 reduces me to tears every time. Well – there is a Rach concert coming up with that very concerto being played! I’m really hoping to get tickets, although I fear I’m too late. Here’s hoping:)