Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok I'll stop already

I was complaining about weather. It IS cold in the mornings. It has its moments. But I've been walking on the beach every day in my lunchbreak while its sunny. So I'm just going to formally apologize for my complaining about the weather. Ok. There it is.

TGIF. I've been in a pretty bad mood each morning this week. Not sleeping so good, and waking up dreading the day ahead. Usually I wake up pretty alert and excited to be alive. But not this week. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, and going on holiday next weekend. You know when you get to the point of REALLY needing a holiday? (holiday = vacation in America. Sorry folks, can't drop that expression).


TeeZee said...

I know what you mean about having one of those weeks. I hope your next week is better :)

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

As I bundle up under 9 degree weather, dreaming of my move to Sunny California soon...I smile at your comment of cold weather and realize as you commented about walking on the gets better and its okay to complain sometimes as long as you realize in the end you have great things going on in your life that trumps the chilly temps!

Frank said...

I like the term "going on holiday." It sounds much more cheerful than "vacation."

enc said...

We know all about "holidays!" We're starting to take on that term now.

I hope your holiday brings back your happy mood, Tea Lady! :D

Tea Lady said...

TeeZee: Thank you! I have a feeling this week will be a lot better!

Daring to Dream: Yes, I agree, its ok to complain once in a while. But then realise its actually all ok! "She'll be right mate!"

Frank: Cheers Mate!

Enc: Thanks. a holiday is always refreshing and a good boost. Hope you have some relaxing time off also!

Technodoll said...

Same here, girl. Mornings are bleak and bleh, going in to work is a downer. The closer to 5pm it gets the better my mood, LOL!

Definitely time for holidays!