Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Within Budget!

So lately it has been my goal to spend less. And I think I've done pretty well. I was reading a post from Sassy Nerd who has wonderful taste in clothes! The post was about Love Quotes scarves. They went on sale, and I have been looking everywhere (without luck). Well, I ordered one in charcoal ($62 from $88) - it is so soft and beautiful. I'm loving it! Thanks for the tip!! Its going wonderfully with my winter wardrobe.


The Seeker said...

Lovely scarf indeed, great colour and lengh.


coco said...

Fab scarf.

Frank said...

I can't believe I live in the freezing Midwest and don't own a scarf. Something's wrong here.

TeeZee said...

Ooh! I'm so glad you got one. I have a Charcoal one as well, and I ordered a Teal one during the sale. Hope you used an additional 25% (or 33%) code to get it for even cheaper. If you didn't, try calling them for a price adjustment. If they don't do it for you (they're pretty inconsistent like that, but they adjusted mine), and if you're a first time customer, you automatically get 30% off. All you have to do is call and tell them it's your first purchase.

Hope you love the scarf!

Tea Lady said...

The Seeker: Thank you! I'm absolutely loving it! And have been wearing it ever single day (no joke!)

Coco: Thank you also!

Frank: I feel bad. I have about 10 scarves, and feel inclined to send you one of my girly scarves so you can keep warm (but you would also look like a girl sorry - I don't own any blokey scarves). If you're wondering what blokey means... google "bloke".

TeeZee: Thanks so much for the tip! I got 30% off the scarf, but not sure about the first time customer discount - so I emailed them. Cheers!