Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car

Its 4:08pm and I have a lot of other things to do at work besides blogging. I woke up feeling pretty cranky and then had a work meeting at midday with my colleagues, which took place at a local eatery. The 4 of us were throwing around different ideas in relation to the software developed inhouse, and any enhancements that we’d like to see. I tried not to scowl as I sat there with my ray bans on, acid wash black teeshirt and skinny jeans. Its one of those days where I’d listen to Creep by Radiohead really loudly… if Rockband hadn’t killed it for me. ps I'm not a hipster I promise (see pic below if you don't believe me).

Other than that things are fine. I feel like I’m hanging out each week for the weekend, and eventually my day off each week – the day that will keep me sane and hopefully inspires me some. I’ve decided to do up a plan of action each Tuesday night to get things accomplished on that glorious Wednesday I’m building up so much. I know my schedule for the most part. I want to also fit in little things like going to a cute cafĂ© and reading a book, doing some sort of craft project some afternoons, being like a Queenslander at the beach and bumming around. Taking some fun class at the gym.

My friend J has started blogging again. Her blog “This is the last…” is a music blog with lots of interesting music you might not come across when you listen to mainstream radio. J is a quirky fun gal with character to boot – this comes out in her blog. I’m glad to have her back blogging again.

Here’s a pic of my husband and I on the weekend with our hired car. I wish we could say its ours.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mission Successful!

Starting mid September I have Wednesday's off!!!

Staple that!

Thursday. I wish it were Friday. I’m dead tired this week. Its just one of those weeks. Yesterday I was super grumpy. To help with that I thought I'd go out for pizza. About once every 6 months I crave beer and pizza. I generally really dislike takeaway food (pizza, burgers, fries etc) But once in a blue moon I get a hankering for pizza. So I go to the local New York style pizza place… order a beer and my pizza. Drink half my beer… half an hour later… where’s my pizza? Someone else took it, and there was none left. Sigh. I wanted to cry. I was still hungry, and ended up getting something from KFC which I regretted. I don’t even like KFC. It was a waste of my 6 month junk food spat.

I’m still waiting to hear back about having Wednesday’s off. My boss ok’d Mondays – but its Wednesday’s that will best suit my schedule. I’m pretty pleased I got an ok for any day off. But a Wednesday would be even better.

I did a silly thing today. Lately I’ve been wondering where the paper clips are in the office. And why we don’t have any around? Well… today I looked at the box that says “staples” on it. The box has paper clips in it, and they are from the store “Staples”!!! How foolish am I?! All this time I have thought it was a box of staples. That’s my funny story for the day.

hasta luego!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today's the day

Monday I finally asked my employer if I can go part time. Aka one day off per week. I don't want to go home to Australia one day and be like "Yeah... living in America was great. I mean I worked 40 hours a week. Was a housewife. And managed to have one afternoon to myself each week. Plus one sleep in a month". It was time to do something about it. So today I hear back if I can have a day off!! I'm very excited about the prospect of working part time. If its mission unsuccessful I'm going to be looking for a part time job.

I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to do on that one day of freedom each week.

Watch this space ;)