Thursday, August 6, 2009

Staple that!

Thursday. I wish it were Friday. I’m dead tired this week. Its just one of those weeks. Yesterday I was super grumpy. To help with that I thought I'd go out for pizza. About once every 6 months I crave beer and pizza. I generally really dislike takeaway food (pizza, burgers, fries etc) But once in a blue moon I get a hankering for pizza. So I go to the local New York style pizza place… order a beer and my pizza. Drink half my beer… half an hour later… where’s my pizza? Someone else took it, and there was none left. Sigh. I wanted to cry. I was still hungry, and ended up getting something from KFC which I regretted. I don’t even like KFC. It was a waste of my 6 month junk food spat.

I’m still waiting to hear back about having Wednesday’s off. My boss ok’d Mondays – but its Wednesday’s that will best suit my schedule. I’m pretty pleased I got an ok for any day off. But a Wednesday would be even better.

I did a silly thing today. Lately I’ve been wondering where the paper clips are in the office. And why we don’t have any around? Well… today I looked at the box that says “staples” on it. The box has paper clips in it, and they are from the store “Staples”!!! How foolish am I?! All this time I have thought it was a box of staples. That’s my funny story for the day.

hasta luego!


Technodoll said...

LOL that's a funny thing, all right... it's an honest mistake anybody would make ;-)

KFC sucks monkey ass, yerk. It's not even chicken, it's mutilated bird.

Try again for pizza soon or make your own at home!

Frank said...

I would spay/neuter anyone who took a pizza from me...I tend to get a little protective of my food...