Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The weather:)

The weather is beautiful here today. I'm going for a walk at lunchtime to drink the sun in. Yesterday and today I stepped outside into what felt like an oven. Today its meant to reach a high of 85 degrees F (29.5 degrees C). I love this weather. It'll get cooler tomorrow and the rest of the week. But I'm thankful for this warm weather. I love it. I could easily live in a country like Bali, or one of the islands. I love hot hot weather. One day I'd like to live up in Queensland, Australia to experience warm tropical weather day in, day out.

The weather in Australia is quite tropical. My hair would frizz and curl like nothing. (whereas its straighter here). I loved the damp heat. And the sun showers.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

“I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man who had no feet.”

Its 8:22pm and I've just come home from an important event. Now I'm sitting alone and doing what any self respecting woman of 21 years would do while home alone: eat homemade vegetable soup and indulge in the level of comfort that only a pair of Target pajama's can offer. Thats right, it doesn't get any better, or classier than that.

Right about now a bunch of my friends are scattered between various restaurants such as Olive Garden and Macaroni grill. I feigned tiredness so I could skip those ghastly chain restaurants I dislike so much to have a little alone time, have a bath and a cup of tea. It'll be great, and so far my plan for the evening is working out nicely. Except for the tea. I got home, went straight to the fridge to check the milk and it smelt a little weird. I was mildly disappointed. Weird like its still ok, but it won't do for a good cup of tea. And I only drink "good cups of tea". That might sound a little snobby, but we all have our quirks - and one of mine is that I'm super picky about my tea. I'm sure I've discussed how I like it made in a previous post. While we're on quirks, another thing I'm weird about is feet. Always have been. If you have any questions about this quirk please email me or contact me directly. However please do not come to my house, knock loudly and demand an explanation. Most importantly, please never ask me for a foot massage.

Tonight I saw my fellow Aussie friend Anna for the first time in about a month. I felt a peculiar wave of emotion as I saw my friend and we smile and embraced. It was indeed lovely to have her back here. On the way home I was thinking about the close friendship we have forged over the last year. When Anna first moved here I'd hoped we'd get along and become friends. Its funny how something one day clicks and you suddenly have this bond or understanding that ties you together as friends. I remember the day we became friends. We were hanging out with our mate Tongers who is the funniest person I know. We were all cracking up over silly things. I remember driving back from the outlet mall, looking at Anna and thinking "my friend's are right. this girl is really cool, and importantly - really funny".

So anyway, I'm looking forward to that feeling when going home and seeing close friends. I usually get emotional on the 15 hour plane ride, cry as I'm descending into Sydney... knowing I'll be seeing our friends within the next hour. And then by the time I see them, the emotion has passed and its all excitement & cheering. A year seems so long. Yet when you see each other, its as though you were hanging out, teasing each other and being foolish just a day or two ago.

Word of warning: I'm starting to get excited about Australia. But its still 5 weeks away. So don't think I'm going anytime soon. But if you're a longtime reader, you'll know how it is.

Thats it. Time for my bath and then to read some more of Cloudstreet.

ps. When I meet people they often ask how old I am. I've decided to start saying I'm 21. Or Generation Y. After all, youth is fleeting and age is just a number which will forever keep on changing year after year. Although a fair question, I recently decided I'd rather people know who I am... instead of an outward mundane thing such as how old I am. A number does not describe who I am, my likes & dislikes, passions and feelings. End of thought.

Last night

Last night my husband and I bought a bicycle off Craigslist. Its a bike for my husband, for our anniversary - so we can go out bikeriding together. Bikeriding is one of my favourite things to do and I have been pestering (yes, pestering) husband to get one. So, we got home around 6pm and went for about a 30 minute bikeride around our neighborhood. We tackled some pretty steep hills and enjoyed some lovely scenery. My husband is an indoors person through & through - this was the first hint of exercise he has gotten in a while. I'm forever trying to drag him along for a walk on the beach or for a hike up in the mountains. Its just not his skit. So, I'm really glad this is something he likes doing and we can do together.

This is where is gets mildly interesting. I am in love with the new bike. It has 21 gears, is a comfortable 18" mountain bike (cruiser style). I never realised how uncomfortable my bmx, without gears bike was until this morning. I took the new bike for a test drive this morning and rode it to work. Was it a pleasant trip or what. So, now its the battle of the bikes. Bikeriding is my main method of transportation to & from work. So, I think that entitles me to a nice bike. So, I have to sneakily borrow it from time to time for a while until it becomes a regular thing and the bike is practically mine. Make sense? Any tips or ideas on how to do this over time would be appreciated. hehe.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've had a rough week. In between working I've been visiting doctor's and the like. Having tests for this and that. I feel like I need a rest.

I'm heading back to Australia real soon for a visit and cannot wait to see my friends and be home, if only for 10 days.