Monday, February 27, 2012

" I don't want to make money, I just want to be wonderful."

This famous quote is by none other than Marilyn Monroe. In America I had a framed print of Marilyn with that quote on it. Last night I went to see "My Week With Marilyn" with a couple of friends. I wanted to see it regardless, but I *really* wanted to see it before watching the Oscars. Yesterday I taped The Oscars, but our cable sucks and it kept cutting out. So last night we downloaded it and I'm eager to watch it. Possibly this afternoon. If not this afternoon, then tonight. I'm still avoiding most forms of media - which means no TV, no Facebook, no radio. I don't want to hear the winners until I see The Oscars for myself. I'm very excited about it all, and am planning on writing notes about the awards ceremony - the skits, the banter, who won, outfits etc and then calling up my friend - who is equally as excited about The Oscars as I am, and having a good chat about it.
My votes? I'm betting on the following:-

Best Picture:- The Artist
Best Actress:- Meryl Streep
Best Actor:- George Clooney
Best costume/wardrobe:- My week with Marilyn
Best Makeup:- Iron Lady
Best Supporting Actress:- The lady from The Help, whose name I have forgotten, and I don't want to google her name - just in case!

Often Bio's win a lot of awards. But I hear Hugo (which I'm yet to see) is up for a tonne of nominations too - and I hear its excellent, but I still haven't seen it. (Maybe this afternoon!). I'm yet to watch The Descendants and Hugo. I've seen a lot of Oscar Nominated movies this year:- The Artist (loved), My Week With Marilyn, The Help, The Iron Lady, Midnight in Paris. The other day I was gracious enough to see The Vow with my Mum. I didn't hate it, but its also not my kind of movie. Its a cheesy, predictable romantic comedy. Its saving grace is that its a true story - so that gave it some credibility. And yeah, Rachel McAdams is cute. It was ok for a romantic comedy. I didn't go in expecting a super punchy storyline. For what it was, it was good.

As to movies I've seen - I really enjoyed The Artist, The Help and Midnight in Paris.

So, back to My Week with Marilyn. I don't enjoy Marilyn Monroe's persona, I've always found her a little annoying. She played the damsel in distress. She was brilliant, but not my kinda woman. I've never been a huge fan of her movies. I like a couple of them, but overall she's not one of my favorite actresses. As for My Week with Marilyn, I thought Michelle Williams played her perfectly. Michelle Williams is one talented, and beautiful actress. I loved the costumes and dialogue. All in all it was incredibly well done. I think last night when I saw it I was tired and not in the mood. I'd watch it again - but I didn't love the movie in the same way I loved The Artist, which I'll be able to watch over and over again.