Monday, August 22, 2011

Checking Out

I'm not talking grocery shopping...

When I left Australia almost five years ago I remember six months before leaving I “checked out”. In my head I was leaving and I had my fiancĂ© and our up and coming wedding on my mind.

In four months we’re moving to Australia. We’ve been planning this for some time. Its long overdue. We’ve been waiting around for my brother inlaw to get married. That’s happening at the end of October! Applying for Visa’s and waiting to be at a point where we were somewhat financially stable took a while. But now we’re there and very excited!

I promised myself I wouldn’t check out like I did last time. When you plan something like this your head is wherever you will be physically in said number of months. I’ve already checked out a little. I’ve been arriving late for work. My boss knows I’m leaving. I don’t feel like meeting new people, instead spending quality time with the people I’m already close to here.

Lately I’ve been buying last minute things. Things on my “needs” list that I know will be twice the price in Oz. Eg. A new pair of Tiger Asics. A couple of hoodies. Earphones (see picture!). I’ve been wanting earphones for a while, but kept putting it off. These guys retail at twice the recommended retail price in Australia. I got the white instead of black. I wonder if I’ll regret that in the next couple of years… white just seemed slightly more girly, and less “in the studio”.
I haven’t really got anything left on my list. The only things left on the list are one more bonfire this summer. Have fun with our close friends. Handle our leave with grace and dignity. (note – family issues).

I’m looking at starting a new blog documenting our new lives in Australia. I’m excited to experience my favorite city in the world through changed eyes. Living overseas for a number of years has had quite an impact on me. I’m sure I’ll have a newfound appreciation for my home and those who are nearest and dearest to me.

Here's the deal:- Sennheiser PX 200 ii