Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ce Ce

I am feeling a little off today, and had a sick day yesterday. Being home should be fun – but its not when you live in a small apartment and feel unwell. So I’m at work today.

I’m proud of myself – I didn’t get the ninewest wedges. Don’t get me wrong, I love them – but couldn’t justify spending money on shoes I will wear a few times. They are so high. Beautiful. Gorgeous. But 4 inches tall.

Saturday was cool. I spent the entire day making tamales with friends. Which is kind of funny seeing I’m one of the whitest people you’ve ever met. The tamales turned out to be amazing. Last night I made salsa, but ended up buying beans and rice to go with the tamales. My Spanish rice is horrendous – I have all but given up on that. The beans I make are good – but I ran out of time.

I don’t really have any fashion inspiration to share today. I wasn’t feeling up to it this morning, so stuck with converse sneakers, jeans and a H&M top. I haven’t even got an ounce of makeup on. Scary. Thank goodness I’m having a relatively good hair day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nina Shoes

It is raining cats and dogs outside, but she’ll be right - I am pleased to say its an indoor day. One of the best things of the day is getting into work, making a coffee, eating a muffin and checking blogs and emails.

Today I’m wearing killer heels (for me that is) (picture below!) – I’m trying to wear them in so they are more comfortable for “every day wear”. I can’t wait to team them up with my red levante tights (care of Sock Dreams)! For today though its skinny grey jeans, Ema & Sam long sleeve teal top and yay! Curly hair is working today. No frizz. Miracle.

I’m real excited about American Idol this year. I’ve never gotten into it – but this year the lovely Aussie Michael Johns is in the running. His rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody was beautiful. I’m so excited and love his voice. Ok, and he is a bit of a cutie too:)

Mr D and I were watching this episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. That show kills me. The episode was about Ray and his dreams – he decided he didn’t have any and Deborah said he must be content with where he’s at. Hence he started planning for his death. It got me thinking a lot about my own hopes and dreams. Life has been pretty hectic the last year, the most hectic yet. But thankfully its settled somewhat. Mr D and I were talking about 2010 – going and living in a foreign country for 6 months and really living. Driving around to beautiful spots, staying at hostels, living on the cheap. Working full time is fine – I like my job and am content with life. But sometimes I don’t feel like I am really “living”. I miss travelling a whole lot – like I was able to a few years ago. So that’s our little dream. We’re going to Australia soon, which I can’t wait for. I can’t wait to be surrounded by the Australian accent and to feel at home and in my element again. To go to my favourite hole in the wall places and to have a beer and a meat pie. To have bbq’s with my mates and laugh at nothing. I really miss the aussie sense of humourJ And the curry!!! I was making a big curry the other night and stopped by the store to get all my whole Indian spices – this Indian family came up and excitedly asked me “do you make curry”? – “Yes – I love curry”. “ah” they said “are you british”? British? Do I look british? Well, maybe – but Australians eat and love their curry too you know! They were sweet, and pretty much made my day. As much as people ask if I’m british - for the most part people get it right. Are you from New Zealand? No! Are you South African? NO! Are you from Germany? No – come on, get real! Are you serious?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


My darling Mr D often says I dress like a grandma. But I love it. I think he secretly loves it too. The other day my friend rang up to go thrift shopping locally. We both found big paintings from the 70's. J's was from an actual antique store and really big - to fit the really big walls in her new house. I loved it, and she hoped her husband did also.
Her house is so lovely and grown up. We often go over there to play games and have parties. She amazes me how together and grown up she is already. My friend J is one of the nicest people I know here.
Back to thrift shopping - thanks to J I discovered a gem of a thrift store that is insanely massive! We only had an hour - I felt so overwhelmed that I didn't get any clothes, but found a big old painting which is gorgeous (for only $12.50!). It has had mixed reactions from our friends. Some like it, some don't. It matches with all the reds and green's in the living room. I think a good piece of art inspires a lot of opinions and thoughts. I'm still about 70/30 on it myself. But its sweet, different and I like it. Mr D isn't so sure about it - he thinks it is very "granny-ish" - heheh.

my wish list

Here are a couple of things I'm liking/wanting this season. And these:-
Beautiful eh;)

What is inspiring me right now

Right now I'm loving the sock and sandle/
booties combo. Its pretty hot right now. I was totally inspired by images from The Sartorialist. The problem is, I live in a small town in a pretty casual work situation where I'd feel pretty silly wearing this kind of thing. How I long to live in Sydney or New York. I visited New York for the first time last September and fell in love.

My wardrobe was looking a little shabby a few weeks ago. I have so many dressy clothes - but my work/everyday clothes are a little average.

So I invested in some new converse hightops (navy) and some new shirts from Urban Outfitters. Already I feel like a new woman, and am more inclined to spend extra time on my hair and makeup in the mornings. Converse sneakers are nothing too special I know, but they're new. And look so nice and clean. They have definitely put a new spring in my step - and they are perfect for work.

The strappy gladiator sandles are gorgeous. I'm itching to team them up with socks and some skinny grey jeans and a bomber jacket. After reading a blog about flat gladiator sandles possibly making legs look like trunk calves, I've decided to go the tall sandles - perhaps the wedge. I admit, I have slender calves - but the flat gladiator inspired sandles did indeed make me look shorter and a little stumpy. blah! Thanks for the advice:)

LF Stores has the fantastic 60% off sale of the season. The Ema & Sam tops are a goer. I bought 5 of them(!!!) - like I said - work clothes (and fun!). Also the long shirt and denim vest were a must.

Today I made it to the gym. Work has been rather slow today - so a good workout was in order to clean out the cobwebs.

Has anyone seen the movie "Once" - brilliant movie!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today's ramblings

I'm at work and having a bit of a "blah" day, like I'm fighting a cold.

Last night we started watching Top Gun. I love that movie. Tom Cruise when he was at his best. I hate to admit it, I think he was quite hot back then. So alive in that movie.

Its beautiful and sunny outside and it will be a waste of a day if I don't get out and walk in the sun by the beach at lunch.

I tried ordering a gorgeous skirt on a Danish website last night with no joy. I love Scandinavian clothing - and find it so much cuter/interesting than American clothing. The generic brands here kill me. Thank goodness for ebay.
On a good note - a pair of shoes (booties) I love - went on sale at Macys for $24. What is a girl to do but ring through, order and have them sent?! (How exciting!!!)
I cried my little heart out last night after expressing my feelings. And today got flowers at work. What a lovely surprise. I haven't had flowers in a while:)
I haven't had a good cup of tea today. I love this picture. I have a teaset just like this that my mum bought from Marks & Spencers - I'm craving a chai tea with a dash of milk and a little honey! Mmmm. And a tim tam?! No. No tim tams for me today. I was eating cheesecake at 1:30am - so much for being careful! But tea is so soothing to the soul and makes everything better.