Thursday, February 21, 2008


My darling Mr D often says I dress like a grandma. But I love it. I think he secretly loves it too. The other day my friend rang up to go thrift shopping locally. We both found big paintings from the 70's. J's was from an actual antique store and really big - to fit the really big walls in her new house. I loved it, and she hoped her husband did also.
Her house is so lovely and grown up. We often go over there to play games and have parties. She amazes me how together and grown up she is already. My friend J is one of the nicest people I know here.
Back to thrift shopping - thanks to J I discovered a gem of a thrift store that is insanely massive! We only had an hour - I felt so overwhelmed that I didn't get any clothes, but found a big old painting which is gorgeous (for only $12.50!). It has had mixed reactions from our friends. Some like it, some don't. It matches with all the reds and green's in the living room. I think a good piece of art inspires a lot of opinions and thoughts. I'm still about 70/30 on it myself. But its sweet, different and I like it. Mr D isn't so sure about it - he thinks it is very "granny-ish" - heheh.

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