Thursday, February 21, 2008

What is inspiring me right now

Right now I'm loving the sock and sandle/
booties combo. Its pretty hot right now. I was totally inspired by images from The Sartorialist. The problem is, I live in a small town in a pretty casual work situation where I'd feel pretty silly wearing this kind of thing. How I long to live in Sydney or New York. I visited New York for the first time last September and fell in love.

My wardrobe was looking a little shabby a few weeks ago. I have so many dressy clothes - but my work/everyday clothes are a little average.

So I invested in some new converse hightops (navy) and some new shirts from Urban Outfitters. Already I feel like a new woman, and am more inclined to spend extra time on my hair and makeup in the mornings. Converse sneakers are nothing too special I know, but they're new. And look so nice and clean. They have definitely put a new spring in my step - and they are perfect for work.

The strappy gladiator sandles are gorgeous. I'm itching to team them up with socks and some skinny grey jeans and a bomber jacket. After reading a blog about flat gladiator sandles possibly making legs look like trunk calves, I've decided to go the tall sandles - perhaps the wedge. I admit, I have slender calves - but the flat gladiator inspired sandles did indeed make me look shorter and a little stumpy. blah! Thanks for the advice:)

LF Stores has the fantastic 60% off sale of the season. The Ema & Sam tops are a goer. I bought 5 of them(!!!) - like I said - work clothes (and fun!). Also the long shirt and denim vest were a must.

Today I made it to the gym. Work has been rather slow today - so a good workout was in order to clean out the cobwebs.

Has anyone seen the movie "Once" - brilliant movie!!

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