Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ce Ce

I am feeling a little off today, and had a sick day yesterday. Being home should be fun – but its not when you live in a small apartment and feel unwell. So I’m at work today.

I’m proud of myself – I didn’t get the ninewest wedges. Don’t get me wrong, I love them – but couldn’t justify spending money on shoes I will wear a few times. They are so high. Beautiful. Gorgeous. But 4 inches tall.

Saturday was cool. I spent the entire day making tamales with friends. Which is kind of funny seeing I’m one of the whitest people you’ve ever met. The tamales turned out to be amazing. Last night I made salsa, but ended up buying beans and rice to go with the tamales. My Spanish rice is horrendous – I have all but given up on that. The beans I make are good – but I ran out of time.

I don’t really have any fashion inspiration to share today. I wasn’t feeling up to it this morning, so stuck with converse sneakers, jeans and a H&M top. I haven’t even got an ounce of makeup on. Scary. Thank goodness I’m having a relatively good hair day.

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Fred The Mole said...

Hi ! Tea Lady
& Hello from Paris
Your profil sounds good to me !

Fred the Mole