Thursday, February 7, 2008

Today's ramblings

I'm at work and having a bit of a "blah" day, like I'm fighting a cold.

Last night we started watching Top Gun. I love that movie. Tom Cruise when he was at his best. I hate to admit it, I think he was quite hot back then. So alive in that movie.

Its beautiful and sunny outside and it will be a waste of a day if I don't get out and walk in the sun by the beach at lunch.

I tried ordering a gorgeous skirt on a Danish website last night with no joy. I love Scandinavian clothing - and find it so much cuter/interesting than American clothing. The generic brands here kill me. Thank goodness for ebay.
On a good note - a pair of shoes (booties) I love - went on sale at Macys for $24. What is a girl to do but ring through, order and have them sent?! (How exciting!!!)
I cried my little heart out last night after expressing my feelings. And today got flowers at work. What a lovely surprise. I haven't had flowers in a while:)
I haven't had a good cup of tea today. I love this picture. I have a teaset just like this that my mum bought from Marks & Spencers - I'm craving a chai tea with a dash of milk and a little honey! Mmmm. And a tim tam?! No. No tim tams for me today. I was eating cheesecake at 1:30am - so much for being careful! But tea is so soothing to the soul and makes everything better.

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