Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

BMX Bike

Today I walked home in my lunchbreak, had a salad at home – then rode my old school bmx bike back to work in less than 15 minutes. It was a beautiful thing.

I really love old bmx bikes. When I was a kid I always had old bmx bikes that both my brother and I could ride. I remember one year needing a new bike, going down to the weekly Auction house and finding one that was perfect. It was old, it was blue and sturdy as hell. We lived on a steep hill. I remember riding through the bushes at the top of the hill, over the sticks and shrubs and then down the street with no brakes. I thought I was pretty cool. One year I crashed into a tree, I was out for couple of minutes, came around to it and there was blood pouring down my leg. I’ve got awful scars to this day from that accident. Not so cool after all huh?! But I still love BMX bikes. The one I have right now is red. People always think its my husbands and are a little surprised to find out its mine.

I'm thinking fall

I think I’m going to have to do something on the side to pay for my spending addiction. Here are the things I want for fall/winter (gotta get in early!)

Rich & Skinny Jeans

Banana Republic high waisted skirt

Aldo Boots

Guess Jacket

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeling Blue

At the moment I’m in the process of growing out my fringe (aka bangs). Its driving me nuts. I got the big wide bangs back in April. I realized they are too overwhelming on my smallish face and don’t do me justice. My husband isn’t all that into them either. My friends are of course, because they are a little funky and different. But, in all honesty, I don’t think they bring out different features in my face. 1) eyes. Ok, we’ll leave it at one. So now I’m pinning them back, pinning half of them back. Side sweeping them. There is this massive square lump of hair on my forehead. I have a massive forehead, and need bangs. My forehead is so large, you could land a plane on it. Seriously. It’s the Danish in me, I swear. The Danes have large foreheads and wide cheek bones, right? My Besta (grandma) was Danish. And I look a lot like her. Only I dye my naturally dark blond hair brown! Much to the annoyance of my mother.

The last couple of days have been ok. I’ve been in a horrible mood this week (I’m a woman! What can I say, other than I hate hormones sometimes). But each night, getting home has been really nice. I’ve been trying out different recipes each night – cooking something new for my husband, which he’s well pleased about. The recipes were “ok” – but he loves trying new dishes. So all in all it works well. He’s a good guinea pig.

Wednesday night we played the card version of Puerto Rico and drank wine. Very nice.Today I’ve been craving sweet things like crazy. So I escaped the office for ten minutes to meander over to my favourite little greek café. I grabbed a zucchini and pecan muffin. So good. This little greek café is owned by friends of mine. They have a very lively café – and amazing, unbelievable food. Once people start going there, they don’t stop. They have every variety of sandwich you can imagine. I love to go there, sit outside under the trees and read a book. I’d go there every day if it weren’t for the “budget”.

Speaking of which, I have blown it already this month. My monthly allowance (“fun money”) is $70. Not much eh. But enough. This month I blew it within the first weekend at Gap on some cute tops.

I also found this skirt on sale for $9 from $40 (score). It’s a great flowy cotton skirt – ideal for the hot summer days.

"The end of summer"

What the hell?! I have been reading this expression or something similar in many fashion blogs and magazines – about getting ready for fall fashion.

This expression annoys me and scares me! I feel like its only the beginning of summer. I’ve been to the beach a few times, walk along the beach most days. But I’m in no way feeling ready for the end of summer. I feel like it’s the beginning. Its super hot here in sunny California. The water is now very warm and ripe for swimming. June time its still a little chilly, then it takes me a few weeks to get the nerve up to go swimming.

I really wish it were summer all year around. The beach and swimming are my two biggest passions in life. The water makes me feel alive, and as if nothing else matters.