Friday, August 22, 2008

BMX Bike

Today I walked home in my lunchbreak, had a salad at home – then rode my old school bmx bike back to work in less than 15 minutes. It was a beautiful thing.

I really love old bmx bikes. When I was a kid I always had old bmx bikes that both my brother and I could ride. I remember one year needing a new bike, going down to the weekly Auction house and finding one that was perfect. It was old, it was blue and sturdy as hell. We lived on a steep hill. I remember riding through the bushes at the top of the hill, over the sticks and shrubs and then down the street with no brakes. I thought I was pretty cool. One year I crashed into a tree, I was out for couple of minutes, came around to it and there was blood pouring down my leg. I’ve got awful scars to this day from that accident. Not so cool after all huh?! But I still love BMX bikes. The one I have right now is red. People always think its my husbands and are a little surprised to find out its mine.

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ωιтнιи мє said...

Hi, i like your blog, i know that you probably will not understand mine but it's about things on my mind or states of mind... poems ... i decide what to whrite in the moment i feel the inspiration!
I will visit you sometimes, i put your blog im my list of preferences!