Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And it was called yellow

I'm at work and suddenly I felt quite chipper. Maybe it was the realization that in 45 mins I can go to lunch, buy a cadbury twirl bar, go to favourite coffee shop and drink tea. Its raining moderately and is cool here in SoCal today. I'm grateful for the change in weather. I brought my bright blue rain coat in so I can walk around at lunchtime in the rain. Pity I forgot my Hunter rain boots.

I haven't really bought anything in a long time. Other than tee shirts from American Apparel last week. I hate the company and everything they represent, but I love their tee shirts. Go figure. Anyway, I came across this trench coat. What a great shade of yellow. I can imagine walking around Sydney in this jacket in the rain and feeling quite pleased with myself.