Friday, March 21, 2008

All things Vintage

On Sunday I headed to this vintage shop nearby and found a dress that fit me perfectly!! Its brown and orange and very 70's. I'm in love! I'm sure my mum would have owned a dress similar! My husband things its a little weird - but thats ok. I'm fine with weird. I'll have to post an image up. Also I found this delightful cream rose brooch that is delicate and beautiful.

This weekend should be good. We're going to a bbq on Sunday and SLEEPING IN!!! I'm feeling tired lately. We've been working full time and having busy weekends the last 2 months. So this weekend I've assigned Sunday as "sleep in day". Phone's off. Breakfast out. It should be wonderful.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A waste of a Sunday evening...

I'm sitting here feeling really disappointed. A friend of mine and I had arranged to watch an old movie together at her place. So I arrive - and there was another friend there - who brought along her sister. Her sister was a nightmare and wouldn't stop talking non-stop about nothing and interrogating me for 2 1/2 hrs. After that time I texted my husband to pick me up. I love watching old movies and had looked forward to it all weekend. Oh well. Had to tell someone. Someone being people I don't know. Somehow that makes me feel better. Or maybe its that it is writing is so therapeutic.

I ended up buying those NineWest Heech Sandals. Story: I bought them in the size 8 - was so excited I went out and wore them to dinner as soon as they arrived. Realised they were too small. Aaaggghhh! Quickly got online and bought the size 8.5 - which arrived and fit perfectly. So I ended up ebay-ing the first pair and getting $50 more than I paid for them. Cool huh?! I knew they would ebay well, so wasn't too bothered about instantly buying the 8.5's - even though I had the worn 8's in my hot little hands. Lesson learned - try the shoes on properly before wearing!! How silly of me.

Today my husband and I went to a cute little cafe and played a boardgame and drank mexican hot chocolates. mmmm!

I start at 8am tomorrow so I'm going to try and find a good show to watch and try and salvage the rest of my precious Sunday evening.