Thursday, March 26, 2009

You are sooo good looking!

Funny thing: Today I typing an email, and was putting in the email address about to type ".com" then I did a big sneeze. Instead of saying "excuse me!" I said ".com!"

My colleagues heard and sniggered. I had ".com" on my mind!

In my lunchbreak I rode home (a 10 minute bikeride) and washed my hair. I just really felt like standing under the hot shower and having the opportunity to hum away. It was really nice actually. I came back to work feeling nice and fresh.

On the way home, I passed this vacant lot which had dried out grass that had been recently cut. It reminded me of the smell of hay. It got me thinking about my Besta & Grandad's farm. When we were kids we used to help Grandad in the farm, or Besta and Grandad would take us for long walks around the paddocks, visiting with the farm animals. I loved the fresh flowers, trees and smells. It was a nice reminder today.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A post mostly about coffee. (Again).

Today I realised I'm going home in 7 weeks. I feel really fortunate to be going home again so soon after my last trip. Although I'm comfortable here in the US of A, I still struggle with the culture a little here and miss home. I can't explain it. I know I probably harp on about this a fair bit in my blog - but its my blog and I'll cry if I want to..

This morning my colleague Ty did a Starbucks run. We're an office full of uber healthy 20 & 30 somethings. My boss doesn't drink coffee. We don't do Starbucks or donut runs. But this morning... it was needed. We were all feeling "the morning" a bit. So I got a non-fat decaf grande latte. (what a mouthful!). I almost forgot the joy of an espresso coffee! It was so good. I stopped going to Starbucks a while back. Mainly for $$$ reasons (I can't justify spending $1000 a year on coffee's and whatever snacks I get while at Starbucks). My caffeine intake = zilch - so there is no feasible reason to go to Starbucks. Its a habit I'm glad I've kicked. The last year has been good for me, and I feel like I'm finally doing some good nutrition and health wise. But, have to say, the non-fat/decaf/grande latte this morning was AMAZING. So good. And it felt like a real treat to have it. Even though it was decaf it gave me a slight buzz. (buzz as in my body responded to the tiny amount of caffeine found in decaf coffee) (vs drunken buzz).

I was telling Ty how our espresso in Australia is very good, and there is nothing like the small independent coffee shops that largely inhabit the streets of Sydney-town. I know when I go home in May, that despite all protestation, I will probably give into the caffeine factor. Then come back to the States and have to face withdrawals. Its worth it.

So. Australia. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to going. I have to remember to ask for a "skinny latte" instead of "nonfat latte", that we walk on the "footpath", not the "sidewalk"... you get the idea. As much as you fight it, you can't help but pick up sayings and ways of doing things when you have been living in a foreign country for 2 years. 2 years... wow.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March comes in like a lion, what else? Still the snow never melts.

If someone can guess what lyrics this line is from - I'm impressed!

Its Spring!!! It seems so weird to me that Spring starts on March 20th. In Australia Spring starts on September 1st. I get so mixed up with Autumn and Spring here. With a lot of things actually. The other day I walked over to the wrong side of the car. I often do that still.

LLG recently wrote about her new Wayfarers. I'm loving Wayfarers right now, and have been seriously thinking about investing in some. Albeit a little pricey, they're a classic. Like a pair of Converse sneakers, or a khaki trenchcoat. Last night I was chatting with my mate Q and he was all "don't do it. They are so 2 years ago. They've been overdone, and its not cool to wear them anymore." He then went on to say how he was thinking of getting a pair, but his wife talked him out of it because the Sydney kids have been wearing them for years. So now I'm stumped and a little annoyed that Q made me aware of this fact. Where have I been all this time they have been fashionable? I'll tell you where I haven't been: University, LA, Sydney or New York. I have never noticed they became fashionable. I recently noticed them, and tried on a pair - and they were comfortable. I'm now at a crossroad on these sunnies. I really don't care what my mates think about them being overdone. Whatever. I can get over that. But inwardly... knowing they have been done a gazillion times too many kinda kills me. On the other hand, they're a staple and I love them. And I'm obviously not a fashion/trend follower - or I would have noticed they are in fashion. Right? They have been worn for decades. Why? Because of they're classy and stylish. Like Jim in a Tuxedo.

Grrr. Q and his awareness of the world.

What are your opinions?

ps. Its Friday. Sigh of relief:)

pps. I know I mentioned this already, but its Spring. And I love Spring.

ppps. I'm listening to Darren Hanlon at the moment.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Phase

I'm thinking about getting off sugar. As of last week I started buying mostly organic veges. Eating non processed foods (for the most part) - I've had a few slip ups. But I haven't had any caffeine or soda (cool drink for us Aussies!) for almost a year now. My last slip up was in May, 2008 - Sydney. Sydney does the best coffee's ever. Big call, but if you had one, you'd agree with me. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - America is great for the pot of coffee. But an espresso or cappuccino - look no further than Australian cities.

So. The organic veges are going well. I'm buying organic oats, organic quinoa. Organic everything pretty much - except if something is ridiculously expensive - then we are using a vege wash. I'm trying to make most of my meals and am steering clear of processed foods. I'm going this route because I've been feeling more tired than I should for a 28 year old. I figure its because I am eating too many processed foods (aka too much crap!). The cooking is going well. I really dislike meat as it is. My dislike of meat has escalated over the years. At the moment I can't even eat chicken without my stomach squirming. Weird. So I'm still trying to up my protein intake for energy. So today I have an Amy's organic lentil soup for lunch. A fresh garden salad. Banana for the afternoon. I hope the lentil soup is good protein wise. Maybe I'll get some tofu for dinner tonight. Any protein suggestions? Or thoughts on this regimen?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The proud new owner of....

My mate Smithy is a fan of the Tiger Asics. I credit my love of them to Smithy. She spoke of their comfort and style like a true fan. I acknowledged the way she felt about Tiger Asics, but never went so far as to try on or buy a pair, and stray from my converse sneakers. Mainly because in Australia they are $$$$$ in price. Very expensive. 2 years later, living in America and they are a lot less expensive. So I bought a pair, and fell in love. The comfort is amazing. There is nothing comparable style wise. I'm a fan. Thanks Smith. Love your work. I'm even more thankful to be in a job where I can finally wear jeans, sneakers and hoody. Whenever I am discontent with my work, I remember that fact.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Time changes everything dot com

On the weekend we turned the clocks forward. Making this morning very difficult to get up for work. I got to work and my boss says "are you ok? you look sick". No... just tired!!!

The weekend was really nice. Thanks for asking. One of my husband's closest friends flew over from Florida, with his lovely wife in tow. I met friend's wife Leah when they came over for our wedding - but of course, it was our wedding day, and I didn't get to know her too well. We get on like a house on fire. Funny in life how you often get along well with your friend's friends. There is often a common denominator that draws you together. Whether its sense of humour, the way you see life etc. Rarely have I ever, if at all, disliked my friend's friends.

Case in point. Two weekends ago I was "hangin" with aussie friend's mate Jorge. I don't know Jorge all that well. He is one of the best dressed men I have ever met. He is extremely artsy, intelligent and interesting. He has this air about him which I can't quite describe. We chatted a couple of weeks back, then on the weekend got into this great conversation. I realised it makes sense. He's very close friends with two of my closest buddies. Its only natural we'd have things in common.

There. convinced? :)

On the weekend we visited nice restaurants, hung out, played pool, ate some more with our Florida friends. My husband was so happy to see Jarrell. The two of them played lots of video games and joked around. I was glad to see them so happy.

Next weekend I plan on having a sleep in. Its Monday and I'm already looking forward to it. I'm thinking of having a "date day" with my husband. Visiting an art museum, getting to mosey around some cute neighborhoods, going out for a nice dinner. All the things we used to do when we were dating. I feel like we need that. Lately I have been feeling that "busy-ness" has been taking over my life and zapping me of inspiration. Aussie friend and I were chatting about this. She asked if I have been doing anything to encourage my creative side, like visiting art museums, reading new books, playing piano, writing. No. Not really. I have been "BUSY". I make sure to practice my piano every few days and get lost in it. It feels like a space only I can inhabit. But truth be told - I need to make time for the other things now. Life inevitably changes as you get older. Meals are to be cooked, a home is to be cleaned and kept nice. I have to remember to take some time out though. I was looking at some online courses - and have been thinking about taking a creative writing class.

Thoughts over for now. Back to work! (for me).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

''Never fear being vulgar, just boring.'' - Diana Vreeland.

Today is turning into "one of those days". I feel like being grumpy, going home, getting cosy on the couch and reading a book. Or watching the rest of "Lost in Translation", or an old movie.

In my lunch break I visited an antique store and found the cutest old vintage clock for no more than $5.99. So I skipped lunch and bought the clock. Makes sense right?

With increasing unemployment figures I believe it important to fuel the economy and engage in discretionary spending. I have a budget for clothes/"fun stuff" per month - $100. It sounds like a lot to some, not a lot to others - but having a budget helps me keep within it. The budget includes clothes/shoes/cd's/books etc.

I informed my husband of his blog name - he wasn't too thrilled about it. So nickname "Quite Californian" is going to be suspended until further notice, or until my husband decides on a new nickname. He looked offended when I informed him of his name. "Quite Californian? I'm not very californian at all!" - well buddy, you're more californian than I'll ever be. Take that!

So, back to what I was saying earlier about feeling a little mad today. This morning I was on the phone with a client who starts screaming at me when he finds out his account with us isn't terminated. "Sir, did you send in the signed Termination Agreement" "no... but thats not the point... its a verbal agreement!!!", screamed the screamer. Me: "Per your contract with us, it states you need a signed Terminate agreement to terminate with us, we informed you of this yesterday". More screaming/shouting from client "I'm taking this to my lawyers...!!!". Me: "ok, do that. but you still need to sign the termination agreement and fax it in. ok?". I was firm, but really polite and nice. I was close to telling him to call me back when he's feeling a little calmer, or just to lower his voice. I've dealt with people long enough to know when enough is enough. One of the things I love about getting older is being able to speak up (without sounding rude) and having the confidence, and self assuredness to do so. I've never been afraid of people, but have learnt that you can either let people walk over you, or exert your right as an equal human being and stand up for yourself, in the nicest way possible... of course.

Then next, after lunch... I'm walking... thinking... on my way back to work, thoughts of my afternoon and things I have to do after work racing through my head. This guy steps out of a pub and says "Pull your head up when you're walking!". I look at him and he says it again. Me: "I'll walk however I wish". And I keep walking. Pub guy: "promise me you'll do that". Me: no response to obviously intoxicated person. Keep walking, albeit feeling a little annoyed that said-slightly-intoxicated-stranger commented on my walk.

All in all I want to go home and veg, instead of working and visiting Costco after work.

Tomorrow is a new day:)

Monday, March 2, 2009

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."

That’s a Marilyn Monroe quote on a picture I bought on the weekend and planted onto our wall. I was a solo unit this weekend, and have to say, it was pretty nice feeling like my old single self for 4 days! I mean, I missed my husband, cried when he left - then suddenly felt as though the world were my oyster for 4 days, knowing he’d be back again soon. 4 days was a good amount to be apart. When it’s a week, its too much. I start to get really upset.

So, I did some spring cleaning in the bedroom, which I like to do about every 6 months. I proceeded to empty all my drawers, put aside what I haven’t worn in a long time to donate to goodwill, throw away junk and then reorganize everything. It is so refreshing to know where everything is! I also did a Target and Bed Bath & Beyond trip for new coathangers, storage devices, more pictures and wall art etc. So, when all is said and done, I’ll take a pic to post on the blog. The problem is that our bedroom is also our storage room. When we moved in I loved the location, and it was all I cared about. Now, a little more experienced in having a home and I’m realizing cupboard space and storage are important. But location is still more important:) So, for now I’ve worked with what I have, as best as we can.

So while my husband, who, for the purpose of the blog from now on am going to call “Quite Californian” – was up in San Francisco for a comic convention, I planned my weekend away. It included a party, visiting with different friends, a 4 mile beach walk, spring cleaning and shopping (for clothes as well as homey things – Quite Californian has yet to find out about the clothing purchases.) Watch this space.

Saturday I went to my first baby shower, which was very cute and fun. And very American. My friend who had a baby boy wrote a poem and cried. She loves being a Mum (aka Mom).

Roger out.