Monday, March 9, 2009

Time changes everything dot com

On the weekend we turned the clocks forward. Making this morning very difficult to get up for work. I got to work and my boss says "are you ok? you look sick". No... just tired!!!

The weekend was really nice. Thanks for asking. One of my husband's closest friends flew over from Florida, with his lovely wife in tow. I met friend's wife Leah when they came over for our wedding - but of course, it was our wedding day, and I didn't get to know her too well. We get on like a house on fire. Funny in life how you often get along well with your friend's friends. There is often a common denominator that draws you together. Whether its sense of humour, the way you see life etc. Rarely have I ever, if at all, disliked my friend's friends.

Case in point. Two weekends ago I was "hangin" with aussie friend's mate Jorge. I don't know Jorge all that well. He is one of the best dressed men I have ever met. He is extremely artsy, intelligent and interesting. He has this air about him which I can't quite describe. We chatted a couple of weeks back, then on the weekend got into this great conversation. I realised it makes sense. He's very close friends with two of my closest buddies. Its only natural we'd have things in common.

There. convinced? :)

On the weekend we visited nice restaurants, hung out, played pool, ate some more with our Florida friends. My husband was so happy to see Jarrell. The two of them played lots of video games and joked around. I was glad to see them so happy.

Next weekend I plan on having a sleep in. Its Monday and I'm already looking forward to it. I'm thinking of having a "date day" with my husband. Visiting an art museum, getting to mosey around some cute neighborhoods, going out for a nice dinner. All the things we used to do when we were dating. I feel like we need that. Lately I have been feeling that "busy-ness" has been taking over my life and zapping me of inspiration. Aussie friend and I were chatting about this. She asked if I have been doing anything to encourage my creative side, like visiting art museums, reading new books, playing piano, writing. No. Not really. I have been "BUSY". I make sure to practice my piano every few days and get lost in it. It feels like a space only I can inhabit. But truth be told - I need to make time for the other things now. Life inevitably changes as you get older. Meals are to be cooked, a home is to be cleaned and kept nice. I have to remember to take some time out though. I was looking at some online courses - and have been thinking about taking a creative writing class.

Thoughts over for now. Back to work! (for me).


Anonymous said...

So very true. I think that often times. If they are good friends of yours, obviously they will attract like-minded people. It's always a nice surprise though, to get along with your best friends set of friends. I love it! :)

Miss R.

Ps. I think you should *definitely* get stuck into the creative writing course. I've always loved your work dude!!

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Birds of a feather flock together! (Ie, your friends are similair to your friends friends because you all have similiar things that make you friends!) Dizzying huh? Sounds like you had a lovely time with your visits.

Technodoll said...

Totally agree on "dating your husband" - it sparks the romance again and who doesn't need that?


ps: only 3 days to do... mutter.

Frank said...

Daylight Savings Time can suck it.

Sorry, that was rude.

Actually some of my best friends now were once friends of other friends, and now, in some cases, I'm even closer to the friends of my friends than I am to my first friends.

I hope that made sense...