Tuesday, March 3, 2009

''Never fear being vulgar, just boring.'' - Diana Vreeland.

Today is turning into "one of those days". I feel like being grumpy, going home, getting cosy on the couch and reading a book. Or watching the rest of "Lost in Translation", or an old movie.

In my lunch break I visited an antique store and found the cutest old vintage clock for no more than $5.99. So I skipped lunch and bought the clock. Makes sense right?

With increasing unemployment figures I believe it important to fuel the economy and engage in discretionary spending. I have a budget for clothes/"fun stuff" per month - $100. It sounds like a lot to some, not a lot to others - but having a budget helps me keep within it. The budget includes clothes/shoes/cd's/books etc.

I informed my husband of his blog name - he wasn't too thrilled about it. So nickname "Quite Californian" is going to be suspended until further notice, or until my husband decides on a new nickname. He looked offended when I informed him of his name. "Quite Californian? I'm not very californian at all!" - well buddy, you're more californian than I'll ever be. Take that!

So, back to what I was saying earlier about feeling a little mad today. This morning I was on the phone with a client who starts screaming at me when he finds out his account with us isn't terminated. "Sir, did you send in the signed Termination Agreement" "no... but thats not the point... its a verbal agreement!!!", screamed the screamer. Me: "Per your contract with us, it states you need a signed Terminate agreement to terminate with us, we informed you of this yesterday". More screaming/shouting from client "I'm taking this to my lawyers...!!!". Me: "ok, do that. but you still need to sign the termination agreement and fax it in. ok?". I was firm, but really polite and nice. I was close to telling him to call me back when he's feeling a little calmer, or just to lower his voice. I've dealt with people long enough to know when enough is enough. One of the things I love about getting older is being able to speak up (without sounding rude) and having the confidence, and self assuredness to do so. I've never been afraid of people, but have learnt that you can either let people walk over you, or exert your right as an equal human being and stand up for yourself, in the nicest way possible... of course.

Then next, after lunch... I'm walking... thinking... on my way back to work, thoughts of my afternoon and things I have to do after work racing through my head. This guy steps out of a pub and says "Pull your head up when you're walking!". I look at him and he says it again. Me: "I'll walk however I wish". And I keep walking. Pub guy: "promise me you'll do that". Me: no response to obviously intoxicated person. Keep walking, albeit feeling a little annoyed that said-slightly-intoxicated-stranger commented on my walk.

All in all I want to go home and veg, instead of working and visiting Costco after work.

Tomorrow is a new day:)


Anonymous said...

Chin up, Jones, you Aussies are made of stern stuff. Let's see a photo of the clock. Here's another good quote for you: "I never forget a face but in your case i'd be glad to make an exception"

Tea Lady said...

Thanks Dr Sub. I like the quote. And yes, us Aussies are tough ones. "She'll be right mate!"

Update: I'm coming down with a cold. So I'm allowed to feel a little ratty today.

Will take a photo of the clock. I'm in love with.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

So sorry girlie about the day, but know its almost over and you can start fresh on a better day tomorrow. Glad about your thrifty spend..here's to a clever new name for your spouse that you will think of in time :)

Frank said...

You could call him Hunk McSexy. See if he likes that nickname?

Technodoll said...

Nothing wrong with vegging out instead of work, work, errands, chores, work, work.

I'm turning into quite the expert lately, according to how much time I spend in my pyjamas...

Hope you enjoyed a quiet weekend :-)

Tanya said...

how weird - i just re-watched Lost in Translation this weekend. Hope you had a nice crazycustomer-free weekend :D (I'm so glad I don't work with customers!)