Monday, March 2, 2009

"I am not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful."

That’s a Marilyn Monroe quote on a picture I bought on the weekend and planted onto our wall. I was a solo unit this weekend, and have to say, it was pretty nice feeling like my old single self for 4 days! I mean, I missed my husband, cried when he left - then suddenly felt as though the world were my oyster for 4 days, knowing he’d be back again soon. 4 days was a good amount to be apart. When it’s a week, its too much. I start to get really upset.

So, I did some spring cleaning in the bedroom, which I like to do about every 6 months. I proceeded to empty all my drawers, put aside what I haven’t worn in a long time to donate to goodwill, throw away junk and then reorganize everything. It is so refreshing to know where everything is! I also did a Target and Bed Bath & Beyond trip for new coathangers, storage devices, more pictures and wall art etc. So, when all is said and done, I’ll take a pic to post on the blog. The problem is that our bedroom is also our storage room. When we moved in I loved the location, and it was all I cared about. Now, a little more experienced in having a home and I’m realizing cupboard space and storage are important. But location is still more important:) So, for now I’ve worked with what I have, as best as we can.

So while my husband, who, for the purpose of the blog from now on am going to call “Quite Californian” – was up in San Francisco for a comic convention, I planned my weekend away. It included a party, visiting with different friends, a 4 mile beach walk, spring cleaning and shopping (for clothes as well as homey things – Quite Californian has yet to find out about the clothing purchases.) Watch this space.

Saturday I went to my first baby shower, which was very cute and fun. And very American. My friend who had a baby boy wrote a poem and cried. She loves being a Mum (aka Mom).

Roger out.


Technodoll said...

Spring cleaning's the best, isn't it? Specially in crowded spaces... I know exactly what you mean!

Yey for storage and using it wisely! And am happy that you had a good time, girly-style ;-)

Anonymous said...

Did you get to watch any of the movies that you had planned to?

Miss R.

Anonymous said...

I once sent a card to Mrs Sub with a picture of MM and that very quote printed below. Speaking of filn stars on the wall, we have Audrey Hepburn in the bathroom! The shot where's she's wearing sunglasses looking through the window of Tiffany's. It's quite disconcerting to sit on the loo and have AH ogling you, even if she is wearing shades.

Hope you enjoy your four days of peace and quiet. I have three weeks of solitude coming up as Mrs Sub leaves for TX on Thursday :-(