Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our House

Finally here are some photo's of our apartment and our recent IKEA purchases!

We replaced the corner bookshelf and put in a lamp which matches the hanging lamp.

I came across the painting above the piano a while back and fell in love with it. It gets mixed reactions. Some friends love it, some dislike it. I like it when a piece of artwork inspires different reactions.

The bookshelf next to the cabinet now match! And we put in the hanging lamp.

It took a while, but everything is in order, and looking more homey. We didn't want to get any "investment" pieces, but still be able to put touches of our personal taste within our home despite our limited budget and very limited space. Its crazy how quickly you accumulate things.

Tea Set courtesy of Miss R:)


Anonymous said...

Oh its so nice to see your place again!!! :) Thanks for the plug on the tea set! Glad to see that it has pride of place! Looking lovely!

Miss R.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, well done my li'l Antipodean friend. I like your dining room chairs.

I notice a nice bottle of Jameson's and an even nicer(and nearly empty) bottle of 12 year old Macallan on the shelf; how did you know I was coming?

Technodoll said...

I love that tea set! :-D

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Oh I love it. Its always so interesting to me to see how other people decorate. Thanks for sharing!

Tea Lady said...

Miss R: Glad you liked the plug... ?! eheheh.

Dr Sub: The dining room chairs were a wedding gift! And looks like you spotted the good stuff, the Macallan. You and Mrs Sub are always welcome to stay and to share a glass with us!

Technodoll: Thankyou! The tea set was a wedding present from my dear friend Miss R. She had a friend make it in a quaint little town in Western Australia. The teapot is beautiful and like all our wedding presents, it has sentimental value also - I always think of whoever gave us our presents whenever we use them.

Daring to dream: Yes! It is interesting seeing different people's individual style. I'm still figuring it out:) Thanks for your comment.

Frank said...

Very classy. Kind of like my apartment...minus the nice furniture and about 17,000 empty beer cans.

The Seeker said...

What a great home, very nice indeed.


Anonymous said...

Wow. So great to see pics of your apartment. Now I can picture you playing your keyboard everyday. I personally love that painting. Very dreamlike and calming. I came across an artist with a similar style (though a little more impressionist i think) which you might like too. I'm sure it's not everyone's cuppa tea ;) but I think the painting of the girl is beautiful..


Luv S x