Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Honesty Award

I received this award a while ago from Daring to Dream. But couldn't think of 10 things at the time. Well, now I can. So here goes.

1. I love 1940’s movies and movie stars. In fact last night I ordered a book off Amazon which features photo’s of 1940’s movie stars. Can’t wait to get it! I love a bit of glamour! And that women used to “dress” dress.

2. Once I cut almost all of the top part of my thumb off – I still barely have feeling in it. It was pretty traumatic. Each year in June I think that “it was this many years ago…” (happened June 2006). I remember my dear friend S having a sleepover with me the night it happened. We slept on couches. Such a good friend eh:) I have a lot of scars and had many accidents (very clumsy!). But that was the worst.

3. I’m 28 and still haven’t found my professional “groove” or “niche”. I don’t know what I’m good at yet, and want to figure it out soon. 30 is approaching! Not knowing what I want to be or do professionally scares me a little. I’d like to have it more together. I’d like to work from home, but wouldn’t we all.

4. I’m not very emotional. I literally cry maybe 3 times a year. If something upsets me I can have some quiet time and sleep it off. When I do cry, it’s the ugly cry. I’m sensitive to other people and their feelings and feel for other people. But I’m pretty resilient and rarely, if ever get offended. I think I had a few hard knocks in my late teens that hardened me up in life a little. I mean, I do get emotional about things... but can deal with things calmly.

5. I'm pretty sentimental and have kept every card sent to me. As well as movie tickets, receipts from dinners we've had that have been fun. My email box goes back to June 2003.

6. I wear jeans to work with converse sneakers or asic tigers every day, however have about 30 pairs of high heels in my closet. And the number keeps growing.

7. People always think I'm shy/quiet when they first meet me. I think its the English reservedness coming through. The line I always get is "we thought you were so quiet!". Sorry guys.

8. I’m more Australian than I ever realized before moving to the States. I love vegemite and the peace and quiet of Australia.

9. I love a laugh and to joke around with my friends. One of the biggest joys in life.

10. Brit rock is my favourite type of music. Its right up there. I’m beginning to appreciate American country music. Never thought that would happen.

Here were the rules posted with this:-

List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep.

Anyone who wants to do this - go for it :) I'm simply impressed you made it through the 10 things. After years of doing questionnaires I've run out of new things to write...! I'm sorry if it sucked.


Anonymous said...

It didn't suck. It just made me miss you more! :) Bring on May!!

I love American Alternative Country too!!

Tanya said...

Agreed - it didn't suck!
Thanks for sharing :)

Tea Lady said...

Thanks Miss R & Sassy Nerd! I'm grateful you both checked in! - I've been a slacker, I know it.

Anonymous said...

Mmmm... That makes me feel less weird... I started collecting movie tickets about 15yrs ago and now I can't stop! I don't think I've ever thrown one out!!

We can call that list 10 things we love about Jonesanopolis!