Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long overdue update

Its Friday night and my husband and I were just at our friend’s house. Through the week I long for the weekend, and when it arrives I try to treasure every moment of it. Sometimes I get a little down when its all busy busy busy… and then you get a moment to breath and its “now what do I do”. You spend so much time wound up like a clock, the quiet time throws you.

Now its Tuesday morning, and I’m at work. I haven’t been feeling inspired to write lately. I go through spurts of writing. I’m like that in a lot of aspects of my life – going through phases, that don’t last long.

So back to the weekend. It ended up being full and delightful. Friday night we visited our good friends who cooked for us. We drank margarita’s and chatted the night away. Saturday afternoon we went to lunch with some friends, then in the afternoon my husband and i walked into our local village, hung out.. went to the bookstore, then walked home again by the beach. I made stirfry for dinner and we played a boardgame and watched “East of Eden”, which I’d never seen. James Dean’s character was a little weird in it. Sunday I decided I needed a sleep in, so slept in… did housework and then in the afternoon met up with a friend – we did a 23 mile bikeride! It felt fantastic to get the cobwebs out.

And now its back at work. I find myself daydreaming a lot at work right now, and feeling very tired. I have been vegetarian (although eating fish) for quite a while now. And I think its too much for my body. I’m not functioning well, and feeling tired & lethargic – not like me. So I’m introducing chicken back into my diet. I have been eating beans, lentils, eggs etc, but it seems its not enough protein for my body. Or not the kind of protein my body needs. Or maybe it just takes a while for your system to get used to it? One friend said it took him 4 months to feel good not eating meat. Yikes. So, I don’t eat red meat at all – but chicken I can do. I have always been weird about meat. Never eaten pork. Would spend all my time at the dinner table cutting off any trace of fat, or anything that resembled fat. I worry how to handle it when visiting friends – I don’t like to be too difficult “actually… I don’t eat meat”. Maybe for my close friends I’ll be honest about it, but grin & bear it when I don’t know someone too well, so as not to offend.

I have been eating a lot of cookies lately and carbs so am attempting to do the 3 day fruit flush – its so difficult! I want to detox my body, and get it prepped so I don’t have so many cravings for carbs. Right now I’m really craving cheerios and yoghurt!!!

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