Friday, February 6, 2009

Its good weather for ducks!

Its raining here today - shock horror! It feels awkward because I'm no longer used to rain! But its kind of nice as well. I have my brolly with me and went for a short walk at lunch. I was at the corner and bumped into a friend who works near me. I teased her that she looked like a celebrity. She was dressed incognito - not on purpose, but for wet weather purposes. When she was afar I kept looking at her thinking "is it Talia...?" - just like you would if a celebrity walked past and you didn't quite know if it was them or a lookalike. We joked around, then she went on her way. Then this guy gets to the corner, looks around and says to me "Its good weather for ducks"!!! How hilarious is that?! I lost it laughing and explained I haven't heard that expression in many years. A colleague in Australia used to say it all the time - at a firm I worked at in my early 20's. The gentlemen in his 50s/60s pretty much made my day.

Today I'm getting my hair cut. I'm currently growing out all the brown - and I want my natural colour back. I haven't seen it since I was in my teenage years. I was thinking... if I don't grow it out now, I could get to 35 and start getting grey hair, without having seen my real hair colour for many, many years. Weird thought I know. But its Friday.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Lots of splendid things planned which I'll blog about, if I don't get lazy.

I'm listening to the Smiths right now. "Please, please, please let me get what I want". Its a bit of a fave.

Roger out.


Technodoll said...

Yey! Rainy weekends sure can lead to alot of resting, catching up on movies and other cool stuff - lord knows we get alot of them here, LOL!

Hope you have a good one :-)

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Rained here too. Quite shocking to me. But I was in doors its allowed...more rain to least I now know where my umbrella is :))

Dr Sub said...

It's really funny when it rains in LA. Everyone starts driving really stupidly and people have accidents. Plus they get wrapped up as though it's an Arctic winter. PLus, kudos for using the word "brolly" in your blog. That ought to confuse a few (american) people!

Frank said...

"It's a good day for ducks"

Is that some kind of saying? I don't hear such things in the Midwest. Usually it's like, "Hey, it's above freezing today!"

Anonymous said...

I love that song!

Have you heard about the mental floods in Queensland? And awful fires in Victoria - death toll is up to 108!!?? :(

Miss R.

Tea Lady said...

Technodoll: sounds good to me. You probably have a great library of movie quotes in your head.

Daring to Dream: Happy unpacking. It'll clear up in a couple of days. This rain is so nice eh. I almost forget what seasons are like sometimes, and welcomed the rain this weekend.

Dr Sub: True story! Californians are the worst when it comes to driving in wet weather! It never ceases to amaze me. But watch it, I'm one of those who wrap up like I'll never see the sun again.

Frank: it must be a saying. A west australian said it to me 8 years ago... and then a californian last week. Not coincidence.

Miss R: I hadn't heard about QLD floods, but had heard about the fires. Pretty scary. Apparently the worst in history. "mental"!!! (I haven't heard that expression since about 1995 btw. love your work).