Tuesday, July 12, 2011

“Nothing in fine print is ever good news.” - Andy Rooney

Except for this. Daniel's Visa was approved! Its happening! Now we're waiting on his little brother to get hitched. He has a month to get engaged (we have not told him this). If it hasn't happened within a month we're not going to stick around. No pressure bro... However we can't plan our lives around his brother.

A move overseas is a little daunting but incredibly exciting. Its not a do-over. But a new start. Sometimes I think back to the kid who left Sydney at 26 years old. That kid has grown up a little, gotten a little more worldly wise - and dare I say it a little American. 5 years in a place will that to ya. I think I used to live inside a bubble. I felt like a kid and it was great. Now, I still feel like a kid at times, but the world seems like a different place now. I wonder how much I'll settle back into my old patterns once on home turf.

Today I was walking on the beach. Summer in SoCal is beautiful. The sand is dirty, but the water is pretty clear. My friend Janelle and I walk together about 2 times a week and have a good chin wag. She's a swell gal and I know my Aussie mates are going to love her. She's an ENFP if any of my friends are reading this. I've realised that a lot of my close-close friends are the ENF's. I'm an ENTP. I haven't met many girls who are an ENTP. Most I've met are SF's or NF's. Although I think my cousin is an INTP - similar to me.

Anyway, we have a few American friends who are just waiting for our move so they can make the trip out to Oz. It'll be fun doing the Blue Mountains thing, camping and introducing them to friends.

Saturday night I made a couple of batches of curry and we had friends over. I like this time of year. We come out of our hibernation and get a little more hospitable. We're yet to have beach bonfires down at the beach. hopefully soon....

In the meantime I'm going to start using Aussie words again. Otherwise I'll get shredded when we're home. Ketchup? what's ketchup? oh, you mean tomato sauce buddy ;) (i mean "mate")