Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Big 3-0

I turned 30 today. I had mixed feelings about turning 30. Mostly because of things other people were saying. Some people say things such as "ah, you're getting old". Others say "the 30's were my best years". I suppose that mixed with feelings of "yes, I'm getting older, and the signs are starting to show", "I'm not a young 20-something kid anymore", "did I do all that I had hoped and dreamed of in my 20's?". People have a lot to say on turning another decade, which enhanced my mildly nervous feelings.

Well. I woke up this morning full of anticipation and excitement. Maybe not the full blown excitement, enthusiasm and adrenalin I was filled with at 20 years old. No, these days its more subtle. Perhaps more bridled. I think the the responsibilities of life set in somewhat. Its true, you grow older and get a little more serious about life. While I promised myself I'd never be that person on the bus in a black suit on my way to work looking bored with my lot in life, I can now understand how the responsibilities of life wear some people down. I feel that just a little. But I'm pleased to say I still get excited about the little things. I still find humour in the small things and get giddy about life. I think its a mixture of personality types and what life throws at some people. I think I have the personality type where I'll never truly be "old". I really hope not anyway.

So. I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in my 30's. I want to stay fit and healthy. Keep up my walks, running and going swimming, bike riding. I want to continue to eat well. I want to have a small house with a veranda, a ping pong table out the back, a back yard, and to live simply. I'd love a dog to play with. Daniel and I want to travel to South America. I'd like to work less and be in full time service again. I can't wait to travel Western Australia properly. Take Daniel to the gorges. Take him to see the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen in my life. I hope he can experience what I grew up around. The karri forests, going on rural witnessing trips into the outback. Camping under the stars on the most uninhabited beaches. I hope to introduce him to the feel of Australia that I love so much. I hope he "feels" what I do there. I'd like to live near our closest friends and dwell in each others good company. Sharing many laughs and our lives with those we love the most. I'd like my Mum to live near me so we can go out for coffee's together. Do our weekly grocery shopping together. Cultivate some common interests together again. I miss my Mum. We've drifted apart over time, and I long to feel close again. I'd like to find a job I enjoy. I'm a little lost there. I've always wanted to get into journalism. Food for bloody good thought ;)

So, thats some of my hopes and dreams for the next decade. I might mentally update those thoughts, and maybe even update them in this blog. But don't hold your 20-something year old breath ;)