Sunday, December 21, 2008

Today's the day...

Today I'm flying out and am feeling anxious! I have magazines in tow, book (Everything is Illuminated) and diary to write in. Too much luggage of course. I get super nervous about flying, and just read a report about a plane crash in Texas (i think). Just what you need to hear upon boarding a 21 hour flight! Sheesh!

This afternoon I'm baking choc chip cookies for my husband. I figured it would make him happy for a few days while I'm gone. I was out with my colleagues the other night, and the girls were shocked I was leaving my husband for 10 days. They said they wouldn't trust their husbands/partners for that long (?!). One of my colleagues said she wouldn't leave her partner for more than 2 days. Another said she wouldn't leave her husband for more than 5 days. Not because of the "i miss you too much" factor. But the trust factor. I feel kind of shocked at that. I just hate to go because I feel "all wrong" without my husband with me. we married so we could be together, not apart. However, in our circumstances I have to make long trips once a year or so, by myself.
Thoughts? My colleagues are in long term relationships with devoted partners. I think you need to have trust in a relationship.

So this afternoon I think we're hanging out, its such a beautiful day here. I'll try and find an internet booth while in Oz.

Watch this space.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Lamington THAT!

Today is my last day at work before going on vacation for almost two weeks. Yeehaaa!!! I’m more excited about the prospect of sleeping in until whenever I want most days as opposed to being in Australia! The vacation is much needed. I mean, I AM looking forward to being in Australia – but not the flight over there. It’s a ridiculously long flight. I have concentration/hyperactivity issues as it is. Do you think I can focus on a book or movie or anything long enough that will get me through that flight in a sane manner? Exactly. Some people love it. Like my husband. Truly. He packs his “bag-o-fun” (his name for it… not mine, although I do think it funny in a 9 year old kinda way) – and looks forward to reading comic books, watching movies, reading books and playing video games for 20 hours. For me, who is overly energetic, mischievous and obnoxious… its not as fun. I have this great memory of flying to Brisbane, Australia from Perth… circa 1999/2000. Miss R and I were so excited about our trip and found everything terribly amusing. We had this flight attendant “Greg” (his real name, not a fake/phony name) who called us the troublemakers at 50 D&E. He served everyone dinner and left us until last. We video taped him and everything else on the plane. We were about 20 when we took that flight. When I’m bored everything cracks me up. When I get into those moods my husband hates it. He finds it annoying and turns on the X-Box. Poor but lovely man.hehe.

Last night we got together with friends and I made English scones with cream & jam (which are nothing like American scones). I didn’t know how they’d go down with our American friends, but they were a hit! All 15 went. I was pretty stoked. English scones are difficult to get right. If you open the oven they don’t rise. Ingredients have to be room temperature… or they don’t rise. You can’t twist the cookie cutter… or they end up weirdly shaped. Etc etc. There are a million little rules. So you imagine my delight when they turned out perfectly! I searched the internet and even went on to find the perfect recipe. Real English scones don’t have sugar in them. Eating them with strawberry jam and fresh whipped cream (no sugar!) is perfect. The jam provides the perfect amount of sweet! Alas, my diet suffered last night when I inhaled too many scones and lamingtons. My aussie friend made a bunch of lamingtons which were perfect. I took one home and ate it at 2pm this morning. Shocker!

Tonight is my Company’s end of year dinner. We’re going to a sushi restaurant. I dress so casually for work, chuck hair up in a ponytail, and don’t usually wear makeup. It’s a very laid back environment. However, I do get to wear cool, laidback clothes. There, its said. Jeans are a woman’s best friend.

So tonight, I’m thinking of “upping the ante”. Getting my hair blowdried at the hairdressers, chucking on a cute dress and pair of boots. Plus, it’s the last weekend my husband sees me before I go to Australia. He’s big on hair. If I’m wearing a blah outfit, but my hair looks great – he is delighted. He’s all about the hair. Needless to say, my colleagues will be shocked. They are used to me looking like a boy most of the time. Last year it was a bit of a wow factor seeing my female colleagues dressed up. One of the girls I work with is absolutely gorgeous. But you’d never know at work! She always has her baseball cap on, no makeup, tracksuit, flip flops. You get the picture. When she dresses up we all raise our eyebrows and realize what a hottie we have been working with the last year.

I should finish this entry. Its turning into one entire irrelevant ranting fest. See you when you’re older.

For those of you wondering what the hell a lamington is, here's a picture. Let me say this - its a handful of cakey delight!

And English Scones. I know they look great... but don't flip you're wig!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Within Budget!

So lately it has been my goal to spend less. And I think I've done pretty well. I was reading a post from Sassy Nerd who has wonderful taste in clothes! The post was about Love Quotes scarves. They went on sale, and I have been looking everywhere (without luck). Well, I ordered one in charcoal ($62 from $88) - it is so soft and beautiful. I'm loving it! Thanks for the tip!! Its going wonderfully with my winter wardrobe.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thought for the day..

"When we are unhappy with ourselves, it is usually because we are preoccupied with comparing ourselves to others."

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ok I'll stop already

I was complaining about weather. It IS cold in the mornings. It has its moments. But I've been walking on the beach every day in my lunchbreak while its sunny. So I'm just going to formally apologize for my complaining about the weather. Ok. There it is.

TGIF. I've been in a pretty bad mood each morning this week. Not sleeping so good, and waking up dreading the day ahead. Usually I wake up pretty alert and excited to be alive. But not this week. I'm really looking forward to the weekend, and going on holiday next weekend. You know when you get to the point of REALLY needing a holiday? (holiday = vacation in America. Sorry folks, can't drop that expression).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Its bloody cold!

Its 55 degrees farenheit right now. Which translates to 12.7 degrees celcius. How freezing is THAT?! Last night I put the heater on before going to bed.

When I was 22 I lived in England (during the winter). Its very freezing there. But everyone uses central heating - all day/all night. So it feels colder here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

11am thoughts

This morning I've been thinking about a bunch of things. I just finished my "non fat, decaf, tall latte with sugar free caramel syrup". How American does that sound? What will happen when I move home one day? I'll tell you what. I've flagrantly become a high maintenance customer who knows what I want! Loving all the options available in America. And in Australia, people in cafe's will look at me like "you've gotta be kidding luv!".

I love Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows. I love that they're so bushy and bold, but well shaped. On the weekend I visited the Anastasia salon to get my eyebrows shaped. I've become a fan of thick, well groomed eyebrows. They make such a statement. I'm well happy with the job Anastasia did on my eyebrows. I have always had thicker eyebrows (thanks Mum!), but didn't keep them groomed as a teenager. Figured it out more in my 20's. I've been working at letting my eyebrows grow out a bit more (like the lovely ladies at Anastasia said to!) - and its going well.

What is your take on eyebrows? What look do you like? I know not everyone likes the thick eyebrows. I guess it also depends on what you like to highlight about yourself. Your best assets.

I'm getting excited about my up and coming trip Down Under. I'm trying to lose a few pounds, and also bought some Spanx to help me out a bit! Everyone has been going on about them for a long time, I thought the wedding the perfect opportunity to wear some! And it won't give me the opportunity to let my stomach out in family photo's!!!

I'm looking at getting some highlights in my hair this weekend. Its growing out blonde so quickly right now, and I need something to even it up. I'm kind of nervous about it. Any suggestions from people who get highlights? What to ask for? I have no experience in this area. Although I have saved some images of highlights I like.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Unprofessional Review: Australia

Last night I watched “Australia” with Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. Went with my aussie friend & her hubby. A good choice. We were cracking up laughing the whole time! I absolutely LOVED this movie. Everything about it. The location. Their truthful portrayal of the Aboriginal way of life and history with the Stolen Generation (unbelievable that this went on until the mid 1970’s). And I loved the storyline. Nicole Kidman’s fake british accent reminded of that of Renee Zellweger’s in Bridget Jones’ Diary – but her character got better as the movie went on. And Hugh Jackman. Well. I’ve never been a huge Jackman fan – because I haven’t seen many of his movies. But crikey he’s hot!

There were so many Australian expressions that were cracking my friend Anna and I up. We couldn’t stop laughing the first half of the movie. “Bloody” was used in every second sentence.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. I’ll be going back for a second time, that’s for sure. The critics gave it some unwarranted horrible reviews. However I have heard so many people say they really enjoyed this movie. I don’t think you can listen to the critics. We are all but human beings with different likes, interests and opinions.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What I'm thankful for

Last night I was talking with a friend who has had her son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren move in with her and her husband. My friend is about 55. She said her DIL is very sick. “Huh, she’s very young to be not well”, said I. Her DIL is 32 years old. “yes, she has an eating disorder”. We proceeded to talk about it, and my friend and her husband are very worried. The DIL has had it for about 10 years, and its only just coming out now. I remember meeting her about a year ago and thinking she was super skinny, and not well looking. I feel so bad for their family – it will no doubt be a long road ahead.

This morning when I woke up, I felt pretty good about myself. I’m a few pounds heavier than I’d like to be. I have love handles. But I’m healthy and enjoy my food (a lot!). I was looking forward to my breakfast this morning. I said this to my husband, and he agreed. I felt happy to have a curvy, healthy body. I’m not super thin anymore. But that’s ok. When you hear about things like this, it makes you feel blessed for having a healthy attitude towards food & exercise. I hope my friend’s family will be ok.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend

How was YOUR long weekend?
I have been desperately wanting to blog. However my husband and I went for a trek up to San Francisco and he wouldn’t let me take my beloved laptop. I complained, winged, told him it will help us with directions. He said I need some time away from the computer. Probably right, I know it.

Thursday morning our flight was delayed, and I missed my beloved laptop as young people around me were playing games one theirs. I was thinking how I could be blogging! Maybe I’ll see if I can take it to Oz next month instead. Although I don’t know if I want to carry it around.

San Fran was amazing. Adrenalin seemed to kick in. We got to our hotel, the Parc 55 which was a nice stay. At the counter the guy serving us said “queen room with 3 massive windows and beautiful views? Or King bed with 2 massive windows and views?”. My husband and I looked at each other – KING BED all the way! We have a queen bed at home, and always look forward to a King Bed while on vacation.

Once settled in at our hotel, our friend Jack (who is a student in San Fran) met up with us and we walked through Chinatown. It was freezing, but we were well rugged up. We went to a dim sum restaurant recommended by Rachel Ray. It was very good. As we walked through Chinatown we picked up cheap little nick nacks and enjoyed the area. We walked all the way down to Fishermans Warf and took in the sites along the way including Lombard Street. I’ll post some pics when I get them off my camera.
We visited an old gaming museum as well as Ghirardelli Square, buying and eating lots of chocolate!

That night we weren’t really hungry, so had a bite at the bar at the top of our hotel.

The next day we went bikeriding from Fisherman’s Warf to the Golden Gate bridge. I was feeling a bit off that day. So we didn’t walk the bridge, just rode over to see it. After lunch we picked up our car, which turned out to be a luxury car! How nice! For our journey up to Redding aka Middle of Nowhere.

We visited with my husbands grandparents for the next couple of days, and on the way back drove through Napa. Napa is so beautiful, we definitely want to go there again and spend some time walking around, visiting more wineries and maybe bikeriding. We drove through to the 101 and over the Golden Gate bridge. So… now I’m tired. But glad to be back at work.