Tuesday, December 9, 2008

11am thoughts

This morning I've been thinking about a bunch of things. I just finished my "non fat, decaf, tall latte with sugar free caramel syrup". How American does that sound? What will happen when I move home one day? I'll tell you what. I've flagrantly become a high maintenance customer who knows what I want! Loving all the options available in America. And in Australia, people in cafe's will look at me like "you've gotta be kidding luv!".

I love Jennifer Connelly's eyebrows. I love that they're so bushy and bold, but well shaped. On the weekend I visited the Anastasia salon to get my eyebrows shaped. I've become a fan of thick, well groomed eyebrows. They make such a statement. I'm well happy with the job Anastasia did on my eyebrows. I have always had thicker eyebrows (thanks Mum!), but didn't keep them groomed as a teenager. Figured it out more in my 20's. I've been working at letting my eyebrows grow out a bit more (like the lovely ladies at Anastasia said to!) - and its going well.

What is your take on eyebrows? What look do you like? I know not everyone likes the thick eyebrows. I guess it also depends on what you like to highlight about yourself. Your best assets.

I'm getting excited about my up and coming trip Down Under. I'm trying to lose a few pounds, and also bought some Spanx to help me out a bit! Everyone has been going on about them for a long time, I thought the wedding the perfect opportunity to wear some! And it won't give me the opportunity to let my stomach out in family photo's!!!

I'm looking at getting some highlights in my hair this weekend. Its growing out blonde so quickly right now, and I need something to even it up. I'm kind of nervous about it. Any suggestions from people who get highlights? What to ask for? I have no experience in this area. Although I have saved some images of highlights I like.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

As a woman of color, I cant really give you any tips you cant already find on the internet...since I have no real-life experience with color, but I do know a thing or two about brows...and I think fuller ones are so much cuter than thin ones or ones drawn in. I have to draw mine in after arching because they grow in thin...cometo think of it, I did recently have a dream I had caterpillars for eye brows and when I stretched them out, they were super long....

Technodoll said...

I love my spanx! Attagirl! Can't help you with the highlights though... my hair is coloured through and through :-s

As for the eyebrows, well you saw mine in my mascara post the other day I think (if not, you can search my blog with the widget on the top left corner, search for mascara) and there are my eyebrows.

I am a fan of the well-shaped and well-trimmed... it opens up the eyes soo much :-)