Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Life is too short to be quiet about it

Just now I’m at work and listening to BB Brunes – a French punk/rock band. I really enjoy French punk music. Its eerily quiet at work, which makes me nervous. But everything in life has a way of working itself out, right. My friend said she tried going for an interview at a small office – no fewer than 15 people showed up. Yikes.

I think I’m starting to feel more at home here in the States. This sounds weird, but I think it has something to do with that I like my “space” more. Redecorating has made me not feel so “temporary” here and gave me a bit of a new lease on life in America, as I know it. I have been meaning to take some photo’s of our apartment, which I’ll do soon. I am still figuring out my decorating style and have been saving images from articles and blogs that I like. When I look at them all together there is a theme or style coming out. I’d post pics up, but haven’t for fear of copyright. For now, my home doesn’t fully reflect my style – but more than it did previously. We’ve done what we can so far within the restraints of time, space (mostly space) and money (ok, money is a big one also). Last weekend we changed our lamps, which was well overdue! Before I had a Chinese lantern style lamp – which I always wanted before. I finally got one and decided I didn’t like it after all!

Even though I’m feeling more settled here in the US of A these days, I still long for things at home. And other things. I long to have a dog. I adore having pets, and am anxiously waiting it out to have one.

Another thing I’d like is a ping pong table. That sounds weird, I know. But I love to play ping pong, listen to some music. Maybe because we did that a lot when we were kids.

My subject line: About a year ago a friend commented on my wearing hats and bright clothes a lot – and she said she is not bold enough to wear such things. I told her the above. That life is too short to be quiet about it. I don’t know where it came from, it was a random. I was reminded last night when a friend noted my bright dress and said “how did you and your husband get together? He is very conservative, and you’re totally not conservative”. It made me laugh. I’m conservative in some ways.

On Sunday night we hung out with some friends who are in their late 30’s. They have a 13 year old autistic son. They don’t usually have people over, but wanted to hang with us – and figured it was easier at their house, where their son is comfortable in his surroundings. So we went over, ate sushi and had a lovely evening laughing away. We don’t known them that well, but wanted to make an effort to get to know them more. They don’t get out much because of their circumstances – yet are so young. The couple are even way cooler than I knew or expected. Totally hilarious! We were cracking up all evening. We were also talking about our interests, and I asked Stephanie – what hers are – “erm… I’m boring. I don’t have any interests”. Huh? What? This shocked me! I didn’t know how to respond – and tried to cover up my awkwardness. I firmly believe in having your unique interests and developing those in life. Finding out what you’re good at… what you enjoy in life. Interests and hobbies enrich your life. Later on, when husband and I were driving home I mentioned it – and that it surprised me, and I couldn’t imagine not having things I’m super passionate about and can talk about endlessly. He made the good point that maybe Stephanie’s attentions have been focused on her son for the last 13 years. Yes. Probably right. It made me think of how self sacrificing Stephanie is. Something to truly admire.


Dr Sub said...

I can't believe you'd be quiet about anything!

Technodoll said...

Friends can pop up in the most random of places... that couple sounds just lovely - I cannot imagine what it must be like to live with an autistic child.

I'm glad I'll never find out...

So post some pics of your newly-decorated place, won't you :-)