Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Phase

I'm thinking about getting off sugar. As of last week I started buying mostly organic veges. Eating non processed foods (for the most part) - I've had a few slip ups. But I haven't had any caffeine or soda (cool drink for us Aussies!) for almost a year now. My last slip up was in May, 2008 - Sydney. Sydney does the best coffee's ever. Big call, but if you had one, you'd agree with me. I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again - America is great for the pot of coffee. But an espresso or cappuccino - look no further than Australian cities.

So. The organic veges are going well. I'm buying organic oats, organic quinoa. Organic everything pretty much - except if something is ridiculously expensive - then we are using a vege wash. I'm trying to make most of my meals and am steering clear of processed foods. I'm going this route because I've been feeling more tired than I should for a 28 year old. I figure its because I am eating too many processed foods (aka too much crap!). The cooking is going well. I really dislike meat as it is. My dislike of meat has escalated over the years. At the moment I can't even eat chicken without my stomach squirming. Weird. So I'm still trying to up my protein intake for energy. So today I have an Amy's organic lentil soup for lunch. A fresh garden salad. Banana for the afternoon. I hope the lentil soup is good protein wise. Maybe I'll get some tofu for dinner tonight. Any protein suggestions? Or thoughts on this regimen?


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Good for you! I have been off sugar for over 5 years. Problem is all the reports about artificial sweetners and how over time, they are not good for you...but natural raw sugar is healthier. I gave up coffee for a year because of the caffiene, and I never drink sodas but drink decaf now, and every now and then a weakness for regular coffee comes, but its minimal.

Good luck on the organic veges. They are a bit more expensive than I care for, but its GREAT on the body. Better than processed foods that come with so many additives and sodium!

Heres a tip: Amy's Pizzas! Its all organic, and the best is Pesto tomato and spinach. They are my favorite weakness!

Tanya said...

I'm also trying to buy organic as much as I can and I've tried the vegetarian thing earlier last year. It didn't work for me :( It's not that I love meat.. I don't really, but I do need a bit of it on my diet. I was just lost for what to eat for protein since I don't really like beans.

Anyway, good for you. Hopefully you get some good advice on protein etc. Processed food is gross.

Tea Lady said...

Daring to Dream: Thanks for the tip on Amy's Pizza. I only just discovered Amy's soups, which are fantastic! Will be sure to get some pizza at the store next time. I only recently started thinking about all the additives, hormones and sodium in processed foods. Better late than never:) I haven't really ever used sweeteners in anything, have read too many terrible things about them. Maybe thats one saving grace for me...

Sassy Nerd: Yes. Protein is a problem. I find even eating beans (which gets old ever day!) isn't enough. So, I'm still trying to figure it out. I can eat a little meat if its in a curry sauce or casserole or something. But sometimes I get tired without meat.

Thank you both for the informative comments!

Technodoll said...

I really admire you for eating and drinking better...

I keep telling myself "one day, one day" but so far nada, I'm buying and eating more processed foods than ever.

I know... shame :-(

Food has become a necessity and not a joy, maybe that's why.

For protein, can you eat eggs? Low-fat cheese? You can always buy whey protein powder to mix in with fruit shakes, they're pretty good.

Keep up the good work!! It's inspiring :-)

Dr Sub said...

No processed foods is a great idea. Making your own soups is really easy, esp. if you have a blender. Cheaper and nicer too!

Plus, have you tried Chinese White Tea? Best to get loose leaf and make it in the pot. Give it a go!

Tea Lady said...

Technodoll: Thanks for the props!

Dr Sub: I have only ever had white tea in teabag form. I'll have to try it loose leaf as you suggest.