Friday, March 20, 2009

March comes in like a lion, what else? Still the snow never melts.

If someone can guess what lyrics this line is from - I'm impressed!

Its Spring!!! It seems so weird to me that Spring starts on March 20th. In Australia Spring starts on September 1st. I get so mixed up with Autumn and Spring here. With a lot of things actually. The other day I walked over to the wrong side of the car. I often do that still.

LLG recently wrote about her new Wayfarers. I'm loving Wayfarers right now, and have been seriously thinking about investing in some. Albeit a little pricey, they're a classic. Like a pair of Converse sneakers, or a khaki trenchcoat. Last night I was chatting with my mate Q and he was all "don't do it. They are so 2 years ago. They've been overdone, and its not cool to wear them anymore." He then went on to say how he was thinking of getting a pair, but his wife talked him out of it because the Sydney kids have been wearing them for years. So now I'm stumped and a little annoyed that Q made me aware of this fact. Where have I been all this time they have been fashionable? I'll tell you where I haven't been: University, LA, Sydney or New York. I have never noticed they became fashionable. I recently noticed them, and tried on a pair - and they were comfortable. I'm now at a crossroad on these sunnies. I really don't care what my mates think about them being overdone. Whatever. I can get over that. But inwardly... knowing they have been done a gazillion times too many kinda kills me. On the other hand, they're a staple and I love them. And I'm obviously not a fashion/trend follower - or I would have noticed they are in fashion. Right? They have been worn for decades. Why? Because of they're classy and stylish. Like Jim in a Tuxedo.

Grrr. Q and his awareness of the world.

What are your opinions?

ps. Its Friday. Sigh of relief:)

pps. I know I mentioned this already, but its Spring. And I love Spring.

ppps. I'm listening to Darren Hanlon at the moment.


Anonymous said...

I says put on a polka dot dress, strappy high heels and the wayfarers; then go out walking in the spring sun whilst listening to Tom Waits. Wave away the protestations of Q with a contemptuous gesture and bathe in the luxurious lather of your sartorial elegance. Return home and mix a cool, refreshing beverage but do not remove the sunglasses. Listen to some more Tom Waits (Joe Henry is an acceptable alternative). FInally, make and drink a doppio macchiato and silently give thanks that Dr Sub is on hand with such fine counsel. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I love Darren Hanlon. Do you have his new album? I also love the Wayfarers. I want a pair too. :)

Love Miss R.

Sal said...

Oh pish. Just as you've said, Wayfarers are and always will be a classic. If you want 'em, get 'em. Who cares if they're in or out - if they're out now, they'll be back in in no time.

Anonymous said...

I now know where that line of lyrics is from. But only by googling it, I'm embarrassed to say. I should know it shouldn't I?

Miss R.

Tea Lady said...

Dr Sub: ooh! Nice advice. I found myself daydreaming about being out in such an outfit to the soundtrack of Tom Waits (preferably Tom Waits). ps. Despite my brief annoyance at friend Q's opinion, he is indeed a good friend and stylish chap. I think you'd get along splendidly were you living in the same area/continent!

Miss R: Glad you agree;) And I can't believe you didn't get that line!

Already Pretty: my sentiments exactly! Thanks for the comment!

Miss Crusoe said...

well Jones I thought that they were over done last year but this year I am starting think that the Ray Bans aren't going to last forever and I have a secret hate of buying the same item twice. The joy is lost the second time - let the reader use discernment: treat your possessions well the first timer - and so suddenly the overdone Wayfarers have become so understated in my own opinion and I've come 180 degrees.

Who cares how many people where them or what kind of people where them, as long as you enjoy them right - 'live and let die!'

Tea Lady said...

Ah. Thanks for the input Miss Crusoe. Your opinion has been duly noted, and is appreciated.

Miss Crusoe said...

Just thought I'd add...sometimes i don't type as quick as I'm thinking as so words such as "wear" "where" or "we're", or "they're" "there" and "their"...get a short circuited in my brain...eventually, but also, belately, I pick up on the glitch and cringe with embarrassment!

Miss Crusoe said...

PS did you end up getting some? I was thinking of asking you to bring me home a pair if you can recommend a website???X