Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night

Last night my husband and I bought a bicycle off Craigslist. Its a bike for my husband, for our anniversary - so we can go out bikeriding together. Bikeriding is one of my favourite things to do and I have been pestering (yes, pestering) husband to get one. So, we got home around 6pm and went for about a 30 minute bikeride around our neighborhood. We tackled some pretty steep hills and enjoyed some lovely scenery. My husband is an indoors person through & through - this was the first hint of exercise he has gotten in a while. I'm forever trying to drag him along for a walk on the beach or for a hike up in the mountains. Its just not his skit. So, I'm really glad this is something he likes doing and we can do together.

This is where is gets mildly interesting. I am in love with the new bike. It has 21 gears, is a comfortable 18" mountain bike (cruiser style). I never realised how uncomfortable my bmx, without gears bike was until this morning. I took the new bike for a test drive this morning and rode it to work. Was it a pleasant trip or what. So, now its the battle of the bikes. Bikeriding is my main method of transportation to & from work. So, I think that entitles me to a nice bike. So, I have to sneakily borrow it from time to time for a while until it becomes a regular thing and the bike is practically mine. Make sense? Any tips or ideas on how to do this over time would be appreciated. hehe.


Tanya said...

Well, now *I'm* kind of wanting a bike - there are so many opportunities for outdoorsy/scenic rides in Washington. Unfortunately, we live in a highrise and there's absolutely no place to put a bike. Ok, that's not entirely true - we have a storage room, but it's full of crap like suitcases and skis. Oh well.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I LOVE bike riding and I wish my husband would get bikes with me to ride. I love the freedom and release that comes from it as well as the view touring.

And I think your husband wont mind you borrowing it from time to sounds like a great find! Remember as a couple 'whats your is mine' in marriage right? :))

Technodoll said...

Who found the ad on craigslist?

See? it's yours :-D