Thursday, September 4, 2008

Battle of who could care less

There’s a word I’m trying to think of that I think of that describes me well…
Let me explain. I remember being 21/22 years old a friend of mine teasing me about my underwear. This was well before I discovered there were different colours of underwear other than white, white and… well… white. She didn’t understand how I loved fashion, clothes and style so much – but didn’t give much thought to my undergarments. Actually. She wasn’t the only friend who I had who teased me about my underwear collection. Needless to say I’ve moved on – and yes, I’m using brighter toe-nail polish these days also Miss R!!! eheheh. I’ve enjoyed the process of discovery from my mid-late 20’s. I’m a late bloomer.

Last night we had some friends over to play cards. I’ve had some friends in the area ask me if my style is very “Australian”. Its not Californian, that’s for sure. I guess its kind of Sydney, mixed with European influences (?) and I’m heavily influenced by 40’s glamour, vintage inspired looks etc. I’ve always loved to dress lady-like and all when it comes to dressing up.

So the wife of the friends who were over last night starts talking about a wedding we’ll be attending Saturday. “Will you be wearing a beautiful vintage dress?” she asks. “No” I reply. “A dress I found recently, that isn’t vintage at all. But I loved the pattern and colours”. I tried to sound unaffected about the fact I get a chance to dress up this weekend. Oh what the hell, I’m getting my hair done at the hairdressers also. Kazaah! Yes I am excited. But I didn’t let on. To quote Ben Folds I wanted to appear “too cool to care” about the whole thing. That it is just who I am, it’s a natural thing - and I don’t think about style too much. I guess the same as when really skinny girls say “I don’t believe in diets. I eat junk food constantly”. Yeah right! Gosh, who am I kidding? I’m not super close with the couple, and I’m new here. You can’t spill your soul too early on, you know. So back to my dress: I had to get the dress taken up a little – it was proving to be a little low for the occasion. Call me old fashioned, call me whatever you like – but I’m no fan of cleavage. Maybe its because I don’t have a whole lot. That’s it probably. A highway to NOTHING!

But that’s a whole different subject. So when our friends left they looked at my bike and said to my husband “nice bike”. “Actually… its my wife’s… bike…” – they looked at me surprised. My old red BMX. Yep I love it. And yes, I am a tomboy. Through and through. I have 7 scars on my body – which is more scars than my husband’s family have put together. I love living in my converse sneakers/Asic Tigers/jeans/tee’s and hoodies. The couple looked at me and said “you have a lot of layers, you know that”. Ha! I’d like to think so!

But back to my tomboyish ways – I love the great outdoors, being a tomboy but on the other hand, love makeup in a big way, skin care and fashion.

I know the word. I’m a big fat contradiction!

"I thought I would dress in baggy pants, big shoes, a cane and a derby hat. everything a contradiction: the pants baggy, the coat tight, the hat small and the shoes large."
Charlie Chaplin


Anonymous said...

And the style just oozes however much you protest that you don't think too much about it. Glad to see that colour in underwear and nail polish is taking you into the 21st century though!!

Miss R

apricot tea. said...

I don't believe in diets, either. I think all diets are rubbish. ;/

Tea Lady said...

Miss R you are quite hilarious you know that?! Thanks for the comment.