Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blogging on the weekend

I’m a bad blogger – its been over a week. I admire the true bloggers who write a few times a week to every day!

Friday I got my friend Maureen to cut my hair. She did a swell job. I’m in the process of growing out my overly dyed hair. I have long hair, naturally dark blonde – which I have been dying brown since my late teens. Now I’m in my late 20’s and would like to spend some time in my natural hair colour, experimenting with makeup etc. I have been working with dark hair for over 6 years now (!). I’ve done the bob a couple of times, but have almost always had long hair. Its thick and wavy – so have steered away from short cuts. Maybe as it grows out more a pixie cut would be the way to go. Although my husband is a fan of the long hair.

I was inspired by a post from Observation Mode - the shopping ban. I was chatting about the 6 month no-clothing-shopping ban with a colleague (a young lass, about my age) – and she has decided to do it with me! I very much dislike how living in California has shaped my attitude towards spending. My nonchalance when it comes to zapping something on the credit card. I used to budget each month what I could spend. I think it is very much a “spending society” here. An area where everyone has the best of the best. So as not to steal/take away from Observation Mode's Blog, I won’t say much more – except the next few months will be a challenge. But I am also up for the challenge! And really need this.

I have been missing you Australian friends who read this. I’m horrible at phoning, but I really do miss you a lot. I dislike the stinking time difference!

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enc said...

Congratulations on this decision, Tea Lady!

We (transplanted) Californians have a bit more challenge when doing a ban, because, as you point out, we live in a "spending society." I assure you, however, that you can do the ban if you really want to.

Send me an e-mail if you want to vent about it.