Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I have learned about bright tights...

I love bright tights, tights with busy patterns. Tights are one of the delightful things about the cooler weather that get me excited for the months ahead.

I know I mentioned already that I'm wearing my yellow, mustardy tights. Along with navy vintage grandpa sweater, black flat ballet shoes and shortish black pleated skirt.

At lunch, I'm walking around, book in one hand, satchel on the arm. I got so many looks and stares at my tights it was funny. I came to realise, you have to be pretty confident to wear/pull off a pair of tights like these. I admit, I felt a little smug walking around... receiving looks for my bold number. People weren't looking at "me" - it was the tights they were looking at.

Usually to work I'll wear a teeshirt, jeans and running shoes. But once in a while I like to wear something that expresses who I am and what I actually "like" (as opposed to cold, hard comfort). A couple of weeks ago I walked past starbucks and this young wippersnapper of a guy says to me "lady... i like your style". I turned around to see a young man in his late teens. I felt like saying "thanks sonny jim. I'm about a decade older than you, but am thankful for the appreciation".

I live in the kind of place where everyone wears the same thing. Its either all out comfort or the usual wedge shoes/tight jeans with diamonte's and tight tank top. Wearing things a little different style-wise gets the locals raising their furry little eyebrows.



enc said...

Congratulations for putting a little mustard on it.

"Sonny Jim," that made me laugh.

I think it's amazing that you work in a place that lets you wear t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes. Most people would kill for that!

Anonymous said...

I know what a certain someone would say about your "confidence"!!! :) You are hilarious! I love your unique style!

Miss R

Tea Lady said...

I think Sonny Jim is a british or Australian expression maybe?!

Yes - am pretty darn lucky to be able to dress in comfortable clothes at work. Such a casual environment. Love it!

Confidence Miss R?! Crazy!