Thursday, October 2, 2008

More dresses. Am I bad?

I also love this dress. Isn't it delightful. Very Audrey H./Jacki O. Alas, my bank account cannot afford you dear ponte dress.

I also already own this dress (bought over a year ago) - how many waisted in classic dresses does a girl need? (Good answer: not many. Reality: Lots). Note. This dress is longer on me than the model! It falls right at the top of my knee.

I adore the following dresses. But not sure if they are age appropriate? What do you think? They are very classic, womanly, beautiful dresses. Do you think they are age appropriate for a 28 year old? I think I could get away with these dresses - especially the one with the bow. However, I could also see my Mum in these dresses. You know?! I could see my Mum looking very elegant and lovely in them, with her hair in a chignon.

ps. it is still the floral dress in the previous post I am lusting after!!!


apricot tea. said...

I love all of those dresses; they're so classic & most certainly will never go out of style.

enc said...

It's okay to lust after all these great dresses!

I think they're all age-appropos for a 28-year-old. Or even for a mum. Why not?

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Love all of the dresses, but I dont have the build to wear them (top heavy and 5'1)...but if you have the look and the body and can pull it all off, I am so jealous of you - work it girl! :)