Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I gave in. Head hanging... I bought the striped Free People jacket. It was too gorgeous to pass up for winter. Here's how I did it: opened a Macy's account (15% off purchase) and there was a button missing (but a spare one to sew on!) - I asked for a discount for that - they gave me an extra 15% off. Nice! I got $50 off the jacket! Justified purchase? Maybe?

So, as far as the 6 month clothing ban goes: I'm a complete and utter failure. I feel like I have let down my fellow bloggers! I did just as a reader commented on. What happens when the 6 months is over? You go crazy?

Well, I broke - and went a little crazy. I felt the need to have some warm cozy sweaters/cardigans for winter. My apologies people. I'm not a crazy shopper, but there was a need. I also bought this other Free People cardigan:-

I think I'm done shopping for a while.

I just started reading Captain Corelli's Mandolin from the beginning. I started it a few months back, but got distracted with another book. I was about to read "Everything is Illuminated" but I only just finished "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" (a fantastic novel which I highly recommend!). They are from the same author, so the writing style is similar, if not the same. So I thought I'd embark on a novel by a different author, and save Everything is Illuminated for a little later. If I don't see the movie beforehand that is! If a book is adapted into a movie I like to watch the movie first, then leave it some time before reading the book.

I used to be an avid bookreader. Then, in my early 20's got so incredibly busy travelling, being with my friends, working etc etc that I read maybe one novel a year. How I missed out. Now I'm married and life has settled down somewhat, I've been able to get back into it wholeheartedly - and I'm loving it. My dear friend Miss R is the most avid and passionate bookreader I have ever met. She is known amongst people for her love of books. Miss R has bookshelves dedicated to her library. For years now she has been on my case about getting back into the big wide world of pouring over books. Well Miss R - case closed. I'm back.

I was reading a review on the movie "Australia" - its 3 hours long! Which was film critics main flaw on the movie. Many dubbed it an epic. I can't wait to see it. Indulge in the scenery of the land I grew up in. There is something beautiful about the outback that gives me that feeling of home. The other day my MIL was saying she always gets this nice feeling as she flies back into San Diego. She gets excited to see the lights and the familiar surroundings. I told her I get that when I fly into Perth, Australia. This feeling sweeps through my heart - I love to see the gum trees and red dirt on the sides of the roads. My MIL said "thats the feeling you get when you land home". I tried not to get to nostalgic around my MIL, but I had a feeling of longing and wanting to fly into Perth airport to experience that. I have heavy boots just thinking about it.

The other night my husband and I watched Dial M for Murder with Grace Kelly. I haven't seen it in years! My husband's grandma has the best old collection of movies you've ever seen. We borrowed about 10. It was like Christmas. I think.


enc said...

How about you start over, starting now?

I did this earlier in the year, and I really understand how temptation goes. You can do it.

Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Oh girl! Congrats on your purchase! Broke or not, every woman should have something that just thrills them each new season...women feel better in things that make them feel confident! Oh, and happy reading!

Tea Lady said...

Enc: good idea. I'm pretty ashamed of my frivilous ways. I'm going to give myself a 3 month clothing ban. I can last that long. After that I'll re-evaluate it. How does that sound?

Its just me:- I have to say, I feel pretty cool in this jacket. Friday night we saw Quantom of Solace aka James bond. I paired the jacket with my grey skinny jeans, navy converse sneakers, buttoned the striped jacket/cardi up. Headband on, hair half back... I liked my look. That doesn't always happen you know. But when it does, you revel in it. You get that spring in your step, like when you step out of the hairdresser after a great haircut. It kinda makes up for the times when you feel kinda blah about yourself.

I used "kinda" just twice then. I read Catcher in the Rye a few years back and the slang in that book had a big affect on me. I think I related to the cynical nature of Holden Caulfield. And Aussies love their slang. Even suburban Aussies like me.

Anonymous said...

And she's back in the game!!!! I'm so pleased you're back into reading. I have been shamefully not into reading at the moment. I am trying to get involved in "Everything is Illuminated" but its not happening. I'm going to give it another shot though. I am keen to read the book you read of that authors. I'm feeling inspired after your blog.

Miss R.

Technodoll said...

Nah not failed... just a hiccup in your plan, that's all! Life would get so boring without these little moments so bravo! :-D

Anonymous said...

Ps. I have to agree very muchly with your comment about nostaglia attached to places. Coming back to WA and into Perth and then driving the long road from there to Denmark was such a crazy experience. I felt so sentimental about the place.

Miss R.