Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Traditionally Stater Brothers

I had the funniest little thing happen to me last night. My husband and I were at some shops and were near Stater Brothers, so went in to get some grocers. Side note: Oh my goodness, their tinned goods are half the price of that at Vons!

I'm at checkout and this guy, about my age, says "Did it take you longer to type up your grocery list, or find the groceries?". I pretty much always have a list with me, otherwise I forget things. My response? Well, I thought he was being condescending. My response was: "90 wpm!" 90wpm? He laughed and said "I go to the store, buy whatever looks good and then end up at taco bell for dinner anyway". "Taco Bell is ok..." i replied. And then I felt the need to explain myself "You see, the thing is, it takes a couple of minutes to do up a shopping list. It takes multiple trips to the store if I forget items." The guy laughed and I went my merry little way. How bizarre was that encounter?! I like that he was friendly. Not many people openly talk at checkout, I like brief exchanges in everyday life.

I think in this day and age, it makes a difference if you smile at someone and let them go first and be polite & friendly. I know when people are that way with me I'm pleasantly surprised and it lifts my spirits. So, I try to be friendly and nice - and usually people are super nice back. As opposed to scowling and having the "me first" look/attitude. Granted, there are times, especially if I'm in a rush or am in a bad mood that I have that annoyed look on my face.

I'm thinking of making traditional English scones tonight. I'm craving some with cream, jam & a cup of tea.

Last night I made a slow cooked Moroccan Lamb Stew. It turned out terrifically! My cooking skills are still being honed in on. Sometimes its hit or miss. This one was a hit. Yay!!! I was thinking of taking some cooking classes to learn what flavours/spices mix well. I'm good at following a recipe, but want to understand the science of cooking. Cooking classes are around $60-$70 a pop. So I guess I'll just have to get out lots of books :)

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