Thursday, July 31, 2008

Amado Mio

I have a friend who is originally from Puerto Rico. She is 58 years old – and just adorable. She is a lively woman who loves to dance more than anything. We often watch old movies together. The other night I went to her place and we watched “Gilda” a 40’s movie starring Rita Hayworth. Seen it before? If not, do it. It’s a brilliant tale – romantic and dramatic.

Speaking of things from old times… yesterday I picked up a vintage dress I’d bought. It’s a 50’s sun dress. I’d taken it to the tailor to get fitted properly. As well as some Gap pants to get taken up! I know that at Gap they have different lengths. But the petite was slightly too short. I opted to go up to the regular length, and get them taken up. I’m big into getting clothes fitted properly – spending that little extra at the tailor is worth it. I hate to see trousers to long on a person. It kills me, it really does. I totally notice that kind of thing. What is the point of paying $60 for a pair of trousers that look awkward? Or spend money on a dress that doesn’t fit perfectly? I’m real excited to wear my 50’s sundress. Maybe I’ll even post a pic or two up;) Watch this space.

I’m big into classical music. Have I mentioned that before? Well, I love it. Rachmaninov is my all time favourite composer. His piano concerto number 2 reduces me to tears every time. Well – there is a Rach concert coming up with that very concerto being played! I’m really hoping to get tickets, although I fear I’m too late. Here’s hoping:)

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Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Wow, we are similar cats. I dont take my clothes to be tailored, but I take them in myself (saving cash). And I love old movies too black and while films are the best. I watch them on public access channels. And I am a classical music person but only when I am painting or drawing. I love Russian composures and Tchaikovsky is my fav! TGIF!