Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Flying Etsy

Today’s outfit includes white thin tee shirt, American Eagle Blazer, dark denim jeans, black haviana thongs (flip flops), Earrings from Etsy (picture below!)

Etsy have the most adorable earrings! I have bought a few pairs that are quite unique and beautiful.

I'm listening to Elvis Costello right now. It gets me thinking about New York and walking the streets there. How I would love to live there, work part time and spend my days reading in central park, having enough money to shop... (hehe) ride the subway and people watch. But that is only reserved for Sitcom life, correct? I love the idea of feeling mentally stimulated more often. I love where we live, but it is a quieter life. I love city life and the excitement that goes along with it.

I have a lot of flights coming up, and I hate to fly. Figures - I hate flying... and what do I do? I marry a foreigner, ensuring my life will include many many plane flights! kazaah! In the next few months we are flying to New York (which I'm totally excited about!), San Francisco and looks like I'll be booking a flight to Australia soon too. I will definitely need to watch the budget now.

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Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

Why looks like you are a jetsetter like me. I love the accents Australians have. And as for NY, I am planning a trip in October to meet up with a girlfriend of mine and her two new babies I've yet to meet. I love to travel and I actually love flights...I say ensure you have your IPOD with you or watch a movie. The flight will be over in no time...keep blogging about your travels.. :)