Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So we went through our budget last night. Kazaah! It was horrible. I spend too much on the following:-

a) Clothes
b) Facials/Hair/Pedicures-Manicures/Personal Care items (ie. Eye creams!)
c) Groceries/Eating Out

These are the things I need to cut back on. I felt really depressed after looking at our budget. Here we are, living in an apartment, with one car… we have a good income – and are barely saving. We have things we want to do – and doing them means cutting back on things that aren’t necessities. I know I buy way too many clothes – and spend a lot on personal care. I can still have those things – but on a budget.

We are planning on living in a foreign country at some point – and travelling around it before we move home. To accomplish that, I really need to reign in my spending – which is bordering ridiculous. Travelling overseas is something I really want to do with my husband – especially while we’re so young. I’d hate to think my spending got in the way of that. So from this month its back on a budget.

I wasn’t this bad with spending living in Australia. I think living in California – a place where people have everything – and if not – it goes on credit cards… it affects you. You get a nonchalant attitude about spending. You start to want to have it all. Everyone else around you does. But we don’t want the debt that goes along with it.

Today is day 2 of the fruit flush. Its going really well! I’m feeling great…. Great albeit hungry! But I’m glad I’m doing this for my body. Its something I’ve been wanting to do for forever – and procrastinated on.

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