Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pappadums anyone?

Last night my greek/Australian friend came over. She is very aussie – and very greek – all at the same time – and I love her to bits. She’s insanely smart. Speaks 5 languages and plays a few instruments. She plays the violin especially well. Me, I love to play piano. I used to play 3-4 hours every day, including practicing scales to keep my fingers “supple”, which help for the especially intricate pieces. Travelling and marriage have taken their toll on my musical abilities. I’m a little rusty to say the least. I can’t wrap my fingers around some pieces these days, which is frustrating. So recently, after work each day, I’ve been getting home and practicing for a half hour or so. It would be such a shame to lose what I once had! So last night my friend A came over, I made curry (which I’ll talk about more later), we shared a beer then played music. We have been playing “Let it Be” by the Beatles together and “La Vie En Rose”. I love French music, especially on piano and violin. So romantic! Next week a friend of ours is having a music evening, and we’re planning on playing a Nick Cave song together, along with our friend J who has recently taken up guitar. I’d better start looking at it, I have a week!

The curry was great, I have to say! It was a very spicy tomato based curry – so very good. We had it with rice, yoghurt with fresh mint & cucumber (to ease the spice), and sliced banana coated in coconut – as another side. A and I both are allergic to wheat, so didn’t have any garlic naan this time around! Curry along with a beer is one of my favourite combinations. A went to LA recently with her American husband and they ate at a really good Indian restaurant. Maybe I’ll try it out when we next go there.

My friend A recently located here from Australia. We were friends already in Oz. But her move over here has really helped me a lot with living here in the States. I struggled a long time with homesickness and not having a real close friend who I can relate to. I have missed the aussie sense of humour very much. I’m really grateful to have her here, even if only for a short time. Another of our friends is visiting with us next week.

I have this desk calendar “Don’t sweat the small stuff”. On Sunday June, 1st the message was “Remember, change is going to be there whether you like it or not. What we’re left with is the degree to which we embrace change or push it away.”

I’m a big believer in making the most of situations. Otherwise you can spend years regretting or feeling unsettled and unhappy. I came to America feeling really positive and wanting to make the most of it, although it wasn’t my choice of countries to live in. And I am happy to say I’ve done that (I think!). I’ve made some close friends, live in a beautiful area – and have a husband I love. A husband who isn’t a stick in the mud who wants to stay in one place forever.

I think when you get married you learn so much about yourself, and in many ways it is like getting to know yourself all over again. It is the same with moving overseas. So its been a massive year. I like to think I’ve embraced it all in an ok fashion :)

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