Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bush Nut City

I just found out a cousin of mine is getting married (!) I think of him as a kid still, but obviously he isn’t! I think he is 23 or 24 now. So his wedding will take place in a small town in Western Australia, which means I have quite a trek to make. I better start practicing the bush nut dance :)

I’m really happy for him, but feeling a little down at the same time – realizing how very far away I am from my family, friends and hometown. I can’t wait to all be back together at the same time. Unfortunately without our grandparents, who are now passed away. I miss my grandparents a lot at times. They were very European, with so many cute little traits. My granddad especially took a real interest in my cousins and I. I hope that as I grow older I can be closer with my family and share our lives together. My Mum and Uncle always lived close to each other, as well as my grandparents – and we grew up with our cousins being a close family. Sometimes I wonder if I will eventually one day have children – and live close with all of our family again. I miss that. After 7 years of travelling, being independent of all my family and doing my own thing (living in 2 other countries than Australia), marrying a foreigner… I have realized that in seeking my independence from everything – I’m ready to go home and be close again. That I do need my family.

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Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I think family is very important. I am a strong believer in it and need family too. Which amazes people when they find I am estranged from extended family since the passing of my parents. Odd - my husband isnt close to his family either. So when we have kids...we plan to institute the concept of loving, forgiving family values to keep it strong - so they can "always come home"...