Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My wardbrobe

I think my personal style is still evolving and I’m still figuring out what looks good on me. I have come a long way since my early twenties. Hopefully by 32 I have it down and out! I would describe the way I like to dress as:-

When dressing up:- Vintage, Glamorous (40’s)
When going to work:- Casual/Laid back
When hanging out with friends/weekends:- Preppy, Urban

Personal style says a lot about who you are. I love girly styles, floral dresses, hats, scarves and earrings. But I also like clean lines, so try to mix the two styles. I own a lot of vintage clothes. I buy vintage because clothes of yesteryear had so many cute details. Ruffled sleeves, sweet necklines, full skirts. I love little details in my clothes. Interesting buttons. Pleats. Good quality materials. I wouldn’t say I’m a fashionable or trendy person. But rather I take bits and pieces that are trendy, that suit my personality and make them my own.

Here are a few things that have made their way into my closet recently that I will be wearing to work:-

Steve Madden Sandles

American Eagle Jacket (with skinny jeans, white tee and gladiators!)

American Apparel tee shirt

American Eagle thin white teeshirt alternative (only $25!) as opposed to $60-$70 (you can't real see with the white background!)

Nili Lotan Shirt Dress (ebayed for a great price!) - i have been wearing this with my black leather jacket or denim vest.

American Eagle Scarf (which I'm thinking of taking back and swapping for a different colour!)

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