Friday, January 16, 2009

Reader Request

Professional Synopsis. Everything is illuminuated. Spoiler Alert!!!

My friend Dr Sub wanted to know more about Everything is Illuminated. I don't know if that means more of my opinions on this brilliant movie, or a synopsis. I think I've made it pretty clear how much I enjoyed this movie, so here is the rundown.

J.S.Foer is the young, moody, quiet, quirky and intelligent writer. He collects things to “remember” or so he doesn’t “forget” – at the beginning of the movie you are given a glimpse of his room which has ziplock bags all over it with “memories” inside. He is an American of Jewish descent, and wants to know more about his family and heritage. He travels to Ukraine and meets up with Alex (who speaks poor English, but is the interpreter) and Alex’s grandpa. These two characters are not without their quirks also. One of my favourite lines (from Alex) “Many girls want to be carnal with me... because I'm such a premium dancer!”. Alex is confident, cocky, stylish (in his own 1990's way) and a confused young man. His grandpa a sad, grumpy old man.

Alex & Grandpa get paid to take Jonathan to Odessa. Along with them is Grandpa’s crazy dog. They go on this journey and learn about their history, heritage, the Grandpa revisits his youth and Alex & JS.Foer become good friends. Jonathan collects things along the way and puts them in plastic Ziploc bags. That is my brief and rather humble synopsis.

Might I also add that Elijah Wood is a premium actor :)


Anonymous said...

That is one very premium film! I love it!!! :)

Miss R.

Anonymous said...

Well then I shall have to watch it