Thursday, January 15, 2009

She was Mine Too...

Cloudstreet is the name of the book I'm reading. I tried reading it back in... about 2002. My friend gave me a copy of it and I got half way through, without really appreciating the book. Years later, and the second time around - I'm enjoying it a lot. I love all the australian-isms in the book.

I'm at work right now. And its a nice day so far. Today I woke up without a sore throat. I'm so happy to be feeling "normal" again! Its a beautiful day here, so am planning on going for a run down at the beach and a bikeride after work.

A few months back we saw an Irish duo (from the movie "Once") live. They were very good. What I enjoyed more was the backup band: Wine & Iron. I'm listening to them right now...

I don't think I mentioned, I was very excited to eat curry in Australia. But Perth indian food disappointed me in a great way. So much so, I'm feeling a bit "over" indian food. I like my own curry's. I'm looking forward to going to Sydney soon (in May!) and going to my favourite Indian restaurants. I'm actually making a Korma tonight with lentils!

Ever seen "Rushmore"? I watched it for the first time the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a great movie. In a few weeks I'm going to a party with the theme "Wes Anderson characters". Interesting eh?! So, I'm going as Max, from Rushmore. I bought some black glasses and a red beret from ebay yesterday.


Its Just Me - Daring to Dream said...

I need to get into regular reading again myself. You and TD are on the right path. Once I move - I just may take in a good book and include it in my day while I am not working! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

So much of this post I love. You are reading Cloudstreet which is just the best thing in the world, but you're also loving it! That is fantastic!

And you saw Iron and Wine perform with the Once duo! I am so envious, and wondering how you failed to mention this to me before! I *love* Iron and Wine and I think I showed one of their songs to you while you were over here. They are wonderful aren't they?

And Rushmore! Wow. I love that movie! "She was my Rushmore too!"

Love Miss R.

Tea Lady said...

Haha. I had forgotten you played me Iron & Wine! Sorry I didn't mention. See what happens when we don't live in the same place - important details are missed.

Rushmore. Oh my goodness! I could watch this movie again and again. It might be one to add to the collection. We're going to get out The Darjeeling Limited soon.