Friday, March 2, 2012

You Broke My Cool!

This morning I hit up Newtown. Newtown is such an interesting part of Sydney with lots of random shops. Music stores, vintage clothing, art supplies, organic food and lots of really good restaurants. This morning I went to Max Brenner and had a cappuccino - they drizzle melted chocolate over the foam. mmm.

One shop that caught my eye was Mag Nation. I was very excited walking in. They have the most amazing array of magazines. Magazines that people can never get their hands on - one I saw there was "Lula" magazine which girls are always on the hunt for. I finally got to flick through it. It wasn't my style fashion magazine. The pictures are very beautiful. But I'm more a fan of European and American high end fashion magazines. I love the editorials. So I browsed the fashion magazines for a while, being good and not buying anything. I really wanted to grab a copy of US Elle, US Vogue and Paris Vogue - but couldn't justify the prices. I headed upstairs where there are leather lounges so you can sit and read. There were huge sections of food, fashion, photography and music magazines. Heaven! I sat and read some music and food magazines and ended up indulging in The New Yorker, BBC Music (it has the 50 greatest recordings of all time! - had to get it!) and a magazine called "Sight and Sound" - an international film magazine. It features the best films of 2011 and reviews every new film. Eeeek! Exciting! I'm eager to pour into them. I love the New Yorker. Well written and intelligent articles. I've always enjoyed BBC Music Magazine. I was tempted to get Triple J's magazine, but figure I listen to their radio station a lot - so that is enough for the time being.

I've been hearing good things about "The Separation". I'm eager to see it.

Here's a song I heard this morning which I liked. Pond is Triple J's band of the month, so I'm sure I'll be hearing a lot more from them. "You Broke My Cool"

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