Sunday, March 4, 2012

Me, You, Tea for Two

Today is my day off. I'm giving myself one day off each week and dedicating it to housework, planning things out, study etc. The other two days are for other enjoyments. It feels so luxurious only working two days a week! Although this week I'm working more than that, training in the city.

So today. I've got to make a plan. I already went grocery shopping. I hit up Burwood for Chinese sauces and groceries. Rhodes for vegetables and Five Dock for meat. I love that here I get to go to independent stores for what I want. It means meat and veges are fresher, and a better price. I also love that I have the time to do this now.

So, at the moment I'm indulging in a cup of coffee via my beautiful new cup and saucer. I use this cup and saucer when I'm taking a moment to relax. Its only a small thing, but makes me happy. Here's the cup and saucer:-

This cup and saucer was released by Maxwell Williams in a variety of shades. I was tempted to buy all five shades, but decided it is enough to have just one fun cup of my own. Besides, I just moved country and am a little broke right now. I have a penchant for cups and plan on slowly building a collection over time, only when I see something I truly love. This is another reason I decided on only getting one of the Maxwell Williams Kimono range - its a special piece, and I want to enjoy it.

So today I have to find some motivation. I already have the laundry going. I'm thinking it would be good to go for a fast one hour walk. Read a little. Tidy up my clothes and wash floors. Perhaps get a massage for my shoulder.

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