Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flowers in the Window

Today was a perfectly lovely day. My day off. It was sunny and warm in Socal. It was nice to have a bright day and have the chance to be outdoors. I went out with friends in the morning. When we were done at noon I went over to Trader Joe's and got a salad. Sat by the pier and enjoyed the sun and slight breeze. After that went for my massage. I've been getting massages once a week since we got back from our big trip. My shoulder still isn't doing well. I'm avoiding an operation like the plague! I seem to maintain the pain ok with physical therapy and massage. Expensive yes. I'm afraid an operation could cause other problems. Anyway after my massage went home, made dinner (bbq pulled pork sandwiches with corn on the cob on the side - very American!) then went to the gym. A change in pace today was so nice. I'm feeling a little stressed and am not enjoying my job right now. I know we all go through that feeling. My job is difficult, and I struggle understanding some things about it sometimes. I'm in IT and its not something I find super easy. I go through my ups and downs and work - like we all day! Needless to say, days like today and the weekends prove to be such a nice relief. The change in pace is always so welcome, and to be outside. Daniel often wants to do things inside like play boardgames, watch tv. On the weekends all I want is to be outside! So maybe I'll organize a hike in the next couple of weekends.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I missed the big trip and finding out about your pain - but I am glad the regular massages provide you some relief. I am glad you had a good day. The weather her was beautiful too! You are not your job - you are uniquely you - so take care of you (since there is only one of you) can always get another (better) job :)

Tea Lady said...

We visited my parents for a week in England then spent almost 4 days in Paris and a day in Belgium. Was wonderful.

And you're right. I'm not my job. My job is way too smart for me;) hehe. kidding.

Anonymous said...

Ah England! I just found out my favorite Sex and the City Star (Kim Cattrall) is from England (Liverpool) before she moved to Canada. Anyway - I am glad you had a great time. And not to mention the jealousy I have for your trip to Paris! (I've always wanted to go! My kitchen has Parisian decor...sounds like you had a blast!